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2 houses, 2 weeks

House hunting and this house has the most amazing creek!Well, I must say we are probably one of few who can say they purchased two houses in two weeks :) – obviously we didnt have to pay for both haha.. and really haven’t paid for either yet… but today we placed a bid on another house, since the 1st one did not work out… and to our surprise our offer was accepted!! even tho we offered 5,000 less than asking price. Im going to share more once our inspection goes through and we know for sure its ours… but I am super excited about this one, even more so than the other one.

I think our excitement to finally purchasing a home got away from us :) – and the adorableness of the last house over took the real practicality of it. A household full of boys really does require some space… not just outside. :)

The house we placed the bid on is 5 bedroom… and by a creek…. the creek warmed my heart, esp. since I grew up by a creek myself! Some of my best memories are of my brother and I playing by the creek… so if this is the house for us, I know our boys will have such fond memories of the creek behind their house. :)

With the house stuff in the works… I have been browsing pinterest for some ideas on how to decorate! I cant wait to make this home a bit more personal than previous homes we’ve lived in. This will be the 1st house I can really do what I want with it, since its ours.

Here are some of my ideas:

A center piece for above our fire place.
My friend Leah actually made the one below:

I know I have boys but I am so digging this ruffle shower curtain.

Laundry room organization? :)

Walk-in Pantry organization!

A romantic and warm Master Bedroom

A chalk wall in our school room.

Source: via Andrea on Pinterest

and the fun of decorating boy rooms :) – I hope to incorporate Maps

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  1. How exciting! the creek is definitely a selling point! Endless fun for the boys! thought of decorating your own place has to be exciting! Wishing you luck the inspection goes well and soon it will be your home!

  2. How awesome that they accepted the offer. This is a sign!! the Lord wants you to live in this house and begin wonderful memories with Travis and the boys. Can’t wait to see it! Praying for you.

  3. The house sounds wonderful and I love the creek. However, for us raising boys in smaller houses, they work too ;) We raised 5 boys in a bungalow and though it was tight sometimes, we made it work and I still love my cozy smaller home =) Have fun decorating.

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