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2am help

So! I debated blogging this because I didn’t want anyone to think we were being irresponsible… but if anything I think it shows the opposite :) – and goes to show how much our children can help out.

For some time now Caleb (who is 8) has been begging us to let him sleep with Reed. Not sure why he wanted too… but we just kept telling him “its to hard… you need your sleep.”

Well now that Reed is typically only up once at night, twice on a bad night.. we figured if he wanted to SO BAD, we’d let him.

Since Travis was off the following day it was good timing to try it out any how.

IMG_0140So last night at 7:30pm we put Reed to bed. Shortly there after Caleb went to sleep as well, in the same room Reed is in (which is our master bedroom). Prior to Reed going to bed I pre-made his bottles for the night and showed Caleb how to fix them properly (although he kind of already knew… just wanted to make sure he had it straight for the night).

I have shown him how we lay Reed down in the crib, how to put his blankets… etc..etc… and how to “wait a few minutes” if he fusses, to see if he zonks out.

After Caleb was in bed I went to sleep in Owen’s room (he has a spare bed in his room), this way I was guarantee’d a full nights rest… and then Travis stayed in our guest room with the baby monitor. This room is right down the hall from the master bed room.

Travis said he’d listen out for Reed and Caleb to make sure all was ok.. and Caleb knew full well that if he needed help he could come get us.

SO at 1:30am or so… guess who wakes up :)

… and guess who not only feeds him at 1:30 am… but also changes his diaper… and then puts Reed back to bed. Travis said he heard Reed fuss but also heard Caleb get him.. so Travis just stayed in bed too.

At 4am Travis woke up (on his own), went to check on Caleb and Reed… sure enough both were asleep ;-) – and around 5am Reed woke up because he had a stinky :) – and then Travis put him back down and he slept til almost 8.

Caleb was so proud of himself and could not wait to tell me what he did… and how well he took care of Reed.

He then proceeded to tell me “Mom we can work out a rotation… one night you take him, the next I take him.” :) – I asked him “weren’t you tired?!” he replied “mmmm no not really.” HAHA….

I told Travis “theres something wrong with this.” HAHA but we both agree it is just awesome that Caleb who is only 8 years old wants to help us out like this. Its no easy task!! most 8 year olds would never want to do that… even if they were paid.

He truly loves helping out and he loves his baby brother more than words can say. His affection towards Reed really does make me want more :) – even though my body is saying “mmmm im done” haha…


Brothers are precious!

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  1. Aww that is so sweet and I just love how your Caleb loves his little brother and wants to help take care of him. I have found that around that age and older they love their baby siblings and want to take care of them, too. My oldest brother was around 10 I believe when my sister was born and he loved to help take care of her.

  2. You know, I just don’t think this is right. You are the parent, not your son. It’s great that he’s so interested but he needs to be a boy – not take on any of the responsibilities for an infant. You and your husband are being selfish. I think there are many reasons he may be asking to help out as much as he does, perhaps because he has seen you struggling which worries him so he feels like he needs to take some of your burdens to ease his fears? Either way, I don’t think it’s right. I appreciate that this is your family and that you’re making decisions you think are right for you – but you put it out there and I have been feeling very strongly about how much you rely on Caleb that I thought I’d comment.

  3. this is awesome just shows how kids pay attention to us adults when we don’t realize. You and Travis are awesome parents from what I cna see.Caleb knew you needed rest and helped out!!!! Love this post

  4. Caleb definitely deserves a BIG Brother Award!! That’s soo sweet and awesome for him to help like that. It’s one thing to MAKE him help, but another for him to want to do it. And then truly awesome that he actually did it:)

    Super cute final pic;)

  5. What a precious big brother! Caleb seems like such an responsible, intuitive & perceptive child. I teach 7 and 8 year olds, and I am yet to see a child (a boy at that!) as mature and sensitive as Caleb! Well done you two, for following the Lord’s directives in bringing up your sons. The world needs many more young men like these by the time my daughter grows up!! :)

  6. That is SO sweet! When my oldest son was 8, he was VERY sick (hospital for 3 years, sick) and my daughter who was 6 at the time offered to move into his room so if he needed anything, she would be right there for him (glass of water, help, me!, anything). I had a 3 month old as well and she saw how exhausted I was. I was sleeping in with the baby, my daughter with my son, and my husband out of town Sunday-Friday afternoon on business (he was trying to keep our health insurance and his job). This helped me so much, I can’t even tell you. Kids are THE BEST!

  7. Just wanted to say that I think it’s awesome that Caleb wants to help his siblings (and parents!) so much. You aren’t forcing him to do this…there is a difference between MAKING an 8-year old look after a baby, and him offering to do so. You should be proud, don’t let the negative comments get to you!

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