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3 months already?

IMG_0105Well I just so happen to remember that today was Reed’s 3 month milestone mark! Hard to believe huh? While at times it seems to creep by… especially at night ;-) – these 3 months do seem to have gone fast as well.

Baby Reed still to me feels like such a newborn though. While he is totally chunking up, he is still super cuddly… and I dunno… feels newborn-ish still :) – which I love.

I have NO CLUE how much Reed weighs. I should weigh him but I keep forgetting. He has to be at least 12-14 pounds. Easy! He is wearing mostly 6 month clothing right now. Some 3-6 month stuff fits him but it all depends on if I have him in a cloth diaper. Seems like once you put one of those suckers on, it ups his size.

Reed still sleeps on his tummy 100%.

He is drinking between 4-6 ounces every 2-3 hours during the day. At night he typically goes every 4-6 but some nights I have gotten 8 out of him…. but thats rare :)

He has grown attached to a blankie my mom made him. He isn’t showing much interest in a pacifier any more either :-\ – he’d rather naw on that blankie or his hand/thumb. So we will see what the upcoming months brings… Im not sure what he will do in regards to the pacifier.

Reed has great neck strength. So so cute and it gives me more confidence in letting Caleb pick him up unassisted. We have just set into place the rule that he can’t walk up or down stairs with Reed. Got to say, he loves him some Caleb time :)



One last little thing about Reed… he very rarely spits up! Out of all my boys he is by far the best at not spitting up. The photo above shows the amount of spit up that is typical for him, if he does spit. Its pretty nice I must say :) – I remember feedings with my other boys that would DRENCH a burp cloth. Not Reed! Most burps nothing comes up. So thankful.

… andddd that is all I got :) – mind is totally blank!


Love our sweet Baby Reed.

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