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4 is a lot but can be done

*The Photos in this post are totally random. I just thought they were cute. The other day while I was getting Reed’s bath water hot, Caleb was suppose to be “undressing him” for me… and when I come out of the bathroom to get him, I find them putting head phones on him totally butt naked. Was so funny!”

IMG_0160I wanted to jot down real quick today… some proud moments I had as a mother of these 4 crazy boys. :) If you follow me on facebook you may have read about my amazing afternoon being spoiled by my 8 year old, Caleb.

We had our home school group earlier in the day from 9-12:30… and then once we got home, we had lunch and then it was nap time. I put Owen down for his nap shortly after 1. Put Taite into his room for his “quiet time” and then I went upstairs to wake Reed up to eat. Reed ended up playing more than he ate :) – which ended up in a “lets all play in mommy’s bed” hour… but by 2pm Reed was back down for a nap.

I then decided to lay down for a nap, since Owen was still in bed and the other two were going to be “in quiet time” for at least one more hour. It was rainy out so it was perfect “nap weather”. ;-)

I then woke up to Caleb in my bed, staring at me (you know how you sense your child beside you, I totally did at that moment!). He then says to me:

“Umm…. its 4….”

I was like “whoa…. really?!”

and I then ask “well where is Reed.” – Reed was in my room napping, so I thought haha…

Caleb ended up getting him out of the crib, after hearing him “begin to wake up” around 3pm… and took him out of the room so I could sleep. He then proceeds to tell me as I wake up from my nap that, he fed Reed a bottle (he knows how to make them), he also changed his diaper… and that he was with Taite playing in his “bouncy seat” – and that Owen was downstairs watching a TV show and eating a snack. He then told me that he swept the kitchen for me as well… and was going to “wash the dishes” but didn’t have time.

Now I am not telling you all this to make other moms feel bad :) – but can I just say that I am incredibly proud of my boy right now! My children are never perfect. There are days Caleb annoys the tar out of me. Yet there are days like today when I am just so happy with how he is turning out. He is just an awesome lil’ dude.

TO think he is only 8…. I cant imagine what kind of helper he will be at 16!

Since I was feeling well rested and happy with how well all 4 of them were behaving. I decided to treat them to a night out at the mall. They love going there because they have a “lego” store. :)

So I packed up all the boys… and we made the 20 minute drive in nasty wet traffic…. and from 4:30-7pm we spent our time at the mall. Eating supper (was under 10 bucks!), babywearing ;-) – oh how Reed loves it… playing with lots of legos at the lego store. I think Owen made like 15 lego men haha… Taking potty breaks, getting free samples at the Annie’s pretzel stops (we went to two haha… free samples rock btw, my kids always beg for 2). The boys played with their lego men they made at a sitting area, while I fed Reed. All in all, it was a very uneventful trip and I had a great time with them. I was thankful for no tantrums and no poop or pee in someones pants :) – hah…

Thankful for days like today.

Thankful for boys learning they have to help their mom and each other.

There are so many days I feel as if I am a broken record… but I can really see where that “constant” correcting, is producing some fruit.

Thankful for safety.

Thankful for 4 little boys upstairs in bed, cozy and whipped from a great trip out.

Thankful for the means to be able to go to the mall and enjoy a few treats and spend a little money. While I would have loved to indulge lots more ;-) – I am beyond blessed to be able to do any of it.




and so so thankful for the way my children love on baby Reed. While he has been very hard for me… nights were KILLER the 1st 12 weeks… when I see my boys with him and how much they enjoy him, it honestly makes me want 3 more HAHA! but I know that wont be happening ;-) – so I got to soak it up while I can.

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  1. That Caleb is bringing tears to my eyes! What a sweet boy. And props to you momma for pressing on during the hard days (and nights!)… Amazing. And the headphones… Too funny!

  2. Great post and pictures too. Reed is loving all the attention he gets from his brothers too. You watch and see he will learn and grow so quick. Caleb is a great brother and a super assistant. I’m thankful too for safety as you travel places with the boys.

  3. I think so cute that Caleb wants to help, not just with his brothers but also with the house work. The he didn’t have time thing was the most adorable part because he intended to help you more than giving you extra nap time.

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