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Bang Girl Boba Girl :)

IMG_6175This week my sweet friend Coleen photographed Reed and I wearing some new Boba Carriers! Two of them have been out for a few months now but theres actually one carrier I can’t post about yet ;-) – for now ill share a few of my favorites of the current fabulousness available via

While photographing them I couldn’t help but feel one, weird not being behind the camera but also felt a bit of “wow… im wearing my 4th baby… and wow… this wont last!” – it really goes way to fast.

Love that I am able to soak up little Reed right now and hold him close like this. This season is one of the shortest…

Thankful for carriers like the Boba. They are just awesome. Can’t imagine having a baby without one :) – yet more evidence they are well worth “learning” to use. Don’t give up the 1st time mamas!

Thank you Coleen for these sweet photos.

I will cherish them!



Reed btw wasn’t unhappy :) – he was just due for a feeding.



I did notice after viewing these photos though… that I miss my bangs and I think personally, they flatter me way more than NO bangs. SO! I decided to chop them this AM and am so glad I did :) – I really missed having them. So heres to bangs… and realizing that I may not be the type to go without them. Which I am totally cool with ;-)

For those curious about the outfit. Not that im a style icon (hah! so not), the top is from RUE 21, was $3.00! The pants are also from Rue and were $5.00 on sale, they are buttery soft… not sure the material but I love them. The Boots were from last year’s RUE line, I haven’t seen them again this year :( – if you can find them tho, snag them up, they are so comfortable. The Leg Warmers are also RUE (can you tell I love shopping there? Its the type of store that requires digging but its worth the dig). The bracelet is from This Family Tree and the hand bag is actually Coleen’s ;-) – I forgot a “cute bag” and she just so happen to have one. I am loving the pop of color it brings to the picture!

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