Brought his own Roll

IMG_1183This is one of those stories that I had to jot down before I forgot.

A totally blog worthy moment :)

Yesterday we were outside playing… and after about 30 minutes or so, I brought Reed back in with Owen and Caleb to get started on dinner. Taite decided to stay out longer, which is typical for him. A few minutes passed by and I then sent Caleb out to check on Taite. He came back telling me that Taite was at Mrs. Jessie’s house. This also is common for Taite to do. If her garage is open, he makes himself at home.

Once I got to a good stopping point with dinner, I walked over to Jessie’s to check and make sure Taite wasn’t bothering them. When I walk in Jessie’s husband proceeds to tell me how Taite came to the door… knocked… and in his hand he had a brand new roll of toilet paper. He then asked if he could use their bathroom.

They being graciously nice said sure :) – but how random and weird is my kid. We live 50 feet from their front door… yet he decides to come into our garage, grab a new roll of TP… walk to their house and ask to use THEIR bathroom?

He makes no sense :) – but at least he supplied the materials to get the job done HAHAH….

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  1. So cute:) I have a cute story as well. When my son was young we lived in a house that only had a bathroom upstairs. I kept catching him coming in the front door and thats when we realized he was going outside to pee off the front porch. What the heck??? Lol he obviously didn’t learn that from us! He said upstairs was too far!

  2. Funny story…Actually I have a question if you don’t mind sharing, what kind of bow and arrow set did you get? My Tate would love something like that too. He’s made his own bow and arrows out of clothes hangers and tinker toys which works suprisingly well.

    1. Hey Amanda, this is the one we got Taite: http://www.amazon.com/Bear-Archery-Scout-Right-Hand/dp/B001RN1WOM/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1357694641&sr=8-1&keywords=little+bear+bow+and+arrow – its a real bow and arrow! SO you have to watch them with it. They love it tho :) – works well and is fun to shoot. Go ahead and buy a few more arrows tho because if you live near any woods the kids will loose them. We’ve lost two already :( – this btw is another option for a bow that is less “real” – they are really fun too! http://www.amazon.com/Zing-Air-5513059-Z-Curve-Bow/dp/B003MAJXJE/ref=sr_1_cc_2?s=aps&ie=UTF8&qid=1357694741&sr=1-2-catcorr&keywords=sling+back+bow

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