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Entering the world of Kefir

A couple weeks ago a friend of mine gave me something completely new to me…. kefir grains. I had heard about Kefir a long time ago but never really looked into it, as it seemed “weird” to me. She had some extra grains though and I had read recently the many healthy benefits Kefir has… so I figured it was worth trying!

Also because I have been battling the post-baby weight and have very little time to “work-out” outside of chasing my kids, I knew I needed something else to keep me going.

So! I started growing my own kefir using raw milk and so far so good!

Because I dislike the taste of milk (even raw), I knew from the get go I would have to find a way to mask the taste and hide the kefir… not only for myself but also my boys. While they do drink milk, I had a feeling it be easier said than done to get them to drink kefir by itself.

So I invested in a Ninja Kitchen System and so began the journey into smoothies.

I was nervous I wouldn’t like them… as I am not a huge fan of “drinking anything”…. but I was determined to start and stick with it.

Its been almost 2 weeks and I love it so far.

What I love even more though is the fact my boys love it too. It is just a great way of getting fruit, veggies and healthy probiotics from the kefir, into them.

IMG_0152I have been dabbling with my own recipes so far… each day I change it up just to see what else I can add into them. It is fun to experiment with it. I thought I would post one recipe though that my kids eat up great!

Here is what you need:

1 large organic carrot
1 giant handful of raw spinach
1 TBS yellow flax
1 1/2 cup lemonade
1/8 cup POM Pomegranate Juice
6-8 frozen strawberries
1 handful of frozen blueberries
13 large Ice Cubes
1/2 cup Kefir

– I let the Ninja do its thing :) and its ready in seconds. The Kefir btw I do add in last.

The texture is great I think. I like the extra crunch the flax adds to it. The kids don’t seem to mind its seedy-ness at all.

Another favorite of ours we replace the lemonade with orange juice and put more blueberries in than strawberries. Either way turns out great. You also could add in some organic coconut oil. Coconut oil is great for weight loss!! even though its high in calories its amazing for our bodies. It also will keep you fuller longer.

I have been replacing my breakfast with a smoothie. My kids have been eating the smoothies in the morning as well. They do still eat some food with it though, as I dont give them a huge glass of it like I drink.


Sometimes for a snack later in the afternoon ill mix up another smoothie, but as of now we typically only drink one a day.

I have noticed an increase in my energy. My skin seems better. I also am more regular (this is huge for me!!), I have lost weight! Im not sure how much but I was able to put on my size 5 jeans this week!

Theres some controversy that “green smoothies” (although mine aren’t green, they are usually pink-ish or purple), are bad for you… I found this article that to me sums up my thinking 100%. While I think its good to mix up the greens and take things in slowly… don’t overload your system right off the bat… I just have a hard time believing “greens and fruit” could ever be bad for you, if they are fresh, organic and packed full of nutrients. Also because my boys do not like salad (sadly) and my husband doesn’t eat much salad either… I find that this is a great way to get their greens in them. I wish I could say we eat veggies and “healthy” stuff all the time. We don’t. So having this one solid drink packed full of good stuff, is just wise in my opinion. Especially since it incorporates the great health benefits of Kefir!


So heres to continuing this :) – and having fun mixing it up.

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