Guitar, Kefir, oh my.

Well, with it being Jan. 1st, I kinda feel obligated to write. That and my kids are still up, but totally quiet…. with the two younger ones down and the older two being entertained by the Wii (that thing is awesome!).

With 2013 will come A LOT of changes… and I have a feeling it is going to be a hard year…. but also a good one and very adventuresome. I do have a few small things I am going to dive into with the new year. Nothing major… but I thought it be fun to pick peoples brains about :)

One of those things is guitar playing.

I for some time have wanted to learn the guitar. I loved playing in the band growing up…. and hated that in high school I had to make the decision to choose between art and music. I chose art. I dont really regret that… but there are times I do wish I still played.

So! even though the guitar is way different than the clarinet ;-) – I do think I have great coordination, I enjoy singing, while I am not the best singer, I am not horrible either :-).

We often times lead our family in singing when we do family devotions… and having the ability to play the guitar to me would just add so much to our worship time. SO! Im just going to take the plunge :)

I purchased a guitar… even tho my mom offered me her old one… with the advice from a few guitar music guru’s, I was led to purchasing a Luna Guitar. It was designed for petite hands… I knew had I gone with a more traditional guitar size, I would have gotten frustrated with my short fingers. So, it seemed like a good fit.

I got an awesome deal!!

Found it on sale, $100 off… and then found another additional $25.00 off it online! PLUS it came with free shipping from the company. So I only paid $114.00 (not including tax).

Being at home alone at night, 5 out of 7 days… I think this will give me something else to do, besides watching TV and depressing myself by looking on facebook ;-) – Facebook btw is horrible for those who are alone on holidays… Just saying.

If any of you play guitar, link me to some of your fav. tutorials on youtube or books even ;-) – Im game for learning from others.

Another thing I plan to dive into is using Kefir!

What is Kefir?
Here is a read for you.

Im excited to start that journey… and hope I am able to keep up with it and bring those great health benefits into our diet. I being a yogurt hater will have to get creative in using it though ;-) – eating it straight may not be my forte… but there are lots of great ways to incorporate it into baking and smoothies. I’ve even seen recipes to make butter out of it! So cool.

So there we go. My 1st post of 2013.

Kinda wordy….

Probably slightly boring.

Oh well. Im alone and it gives me something to do tonight :)

What are some new things you are starting this year?

Oh and do share your favorite recipes using Kefir!
As well as any tips, tricks and helpful hints :)

6 Comments on “Guitar, Kefir, oh my.

  1. You will have so much fun with the guitar! You’ll have to post a video once you learn some chords.

    As for the kefir… Well, you already heard my thoughts, haha! Are you starting with the grains? I found the packets of starter to be a better flavour. Also, baking with it kills any helpful bacteria and yeasts, though it does make a good replacement for buttermilk in baking. It just won’t have any real health benefits left.

  2. I use kefir the most for making smoothies. I try to have one everyday. Thee must common one I make is just strawberries, kefir & stevia to sweeten but you can replace the strawberries with any fruit. I’ve also made them with applesauce & cinnamon or pumpkin & pie spices (cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves & all spice). I also make it into ice cream. Check out culturedfoodlife.com for more great ideas & recipes.

  3. I love my kefir grains. I make both milk and water kefir. The water kefir makes a soda alternative for me and my girls. I love it. I use the mill kefir for making milk shakes (smoothies) for us as I do not like it straight. I’m sure you will have lots of fun with the kefir (and the guitar, I have zero musical talent so I am jealous!)

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