Healthy Habits

With 2013 in full swing, I thought I would share a few things that I am trying to do and get use to doing as the year starts.

With my pregnancy I got very “slack” in my healthy habits due to just not feeling well…. being overly tired and overwhelmed with everything on my plate. I wont lie in saying that the “work load” isn’t much less now with a new little one… but not being pregnant does help with some of my “lack of endurance” I guess you could say. 

I wanted to share 5 small steps I am taking this year to strive to live healthier.

1st up! – Kefir! Anyone who follows me on facebook has heard me mention Kefir :) – and I wont lie, it is disturbingly gross to grow on your own… but the health benefits are wonderful and so despite my gag reflex kicking in a bit, I am striving to keep at it and give this healthy pro-biotic filled “stuff” :) to my children as well as myself. 

That brings me to #2: In order to incorporate Kefir I am starting smoothies! Which has been a lot of fun. My kids all like it and so sneaking in the goodness of organic spinach and other healthy greens, with fruit and kefir, is just great.

#3: Another thing I recently started as well is sprouting. I’ve heard of sprouting for some time now but just never really took the time to learn about it. My mom introduced me to her sunflower and alfalfa sprouts. So while she visited with me recently, we went out and found some seeds to get me started. They are a great source of protein and offer a lot of great health benefits as well. You can toss them into your salads, onto sandwiches or even blend them up into your smoothies! My mom eats them plain even! :)

IMG_0997#4: Trying to eat real food. Now this one is the harder one for me, just because I feel very pressed for time most days. Between my husbands wonky schedule, schooling my boys, staying up with an almost 4 month old at night (who lately has not slept worth a dern), as well as running a business and doing all the other inbetweens I have to do as a working/staying at home mom of 4 boys… the time to really prep and prepare “real meals” is hard! It is so much easier to heat up some corn dogs and throw a few chips on a plate…. ::shamefully admitting I do this more times than not lately:: – when you do take the time to cook “REAL FOOD” for your family though, you not only feel better but your kids do as well. I look forward to introducing them to some new recipes this year and encouraging them to feed their bodies in a healthy way. That includes healthy snacks. I just discovered Quaker® sells CHICK PEA popped chips. We’ve tried the Salsa ones and love them. They are low in calories too (for those like me who count calories).

#5: Drink water! I own an amazing water filtration system called the Big Berkey… and it makes for the purest of waters… I love it and my kids are so use to it that when they drink “tab” water, they will actually ask me “Mom… why does this water smell like a pool?” – its that big of a difference. Encouraging water drinking through pure water… is high on the list. Fun water bottles help :) – your kids will eventually “really desire” water if you keep at it. A treat of juice and even a taste of pop does have its place… but water 90% of the time is a must!

Quaker® Quakes® are now Quaker® PoppedTM – a new name for the snack made with the delicious goodness of whole grain brown rice and corn and a great snacking solution.

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