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He’s little :)

IMG_6135Today I took Reed into see our Pediatrician. I was wondering if he may have an ear infection after his first battle with a high fever… thankfully he did not… but I wanted to get it checked just to be sure… since the weekend was coming and we have family coming.

While there he got weighed. He hasnt been weighed since his 1 month well baby check up :) – so I was very curious. At one month btw he was 9 pounds. Remember at birth he was 6.5 and at a week post birth he was 5.10.

He will be 4 months old on Feb 5th…

So based on the percentile chart for a 4 month old here is where Reed measures up….

Length = between percentile 25 and 50
Weight = between percentile 5 and 10
Head Circumference = below percentile 5

HAH! He is such a little thing! I mean 50th for length is pretty good :) – but I have never had a baby so small at this age. He is a chunky little dude but he is still on the small side.

He weighed in at 13.13 lbs today.

That just means I get to enjoy wearing him longer ;-)

Soaking it up while I can.

Btw, I posted this on my facebook earlier in the week… but incase you missed it, did you all notice Boba has a new printed carrier out? Its my favorite!


Pictures by my friend Coleen :)

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