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I have to admit, its way cute

Reed the other night yet again showed us signs of loving his thumb. He is showing less and less interest in the pacifier :-\ – despite my efforts to offer it often.

I have a feeling Reed will be our last. :( – although there is still a part of me that wouldnt mind a 5th boy, HAH! but as of now we aren’t sure yet… if he is the last wee babe to enter our family, I will say, the idea of him being a thumb sucker is appealing. Not sure why. I know ill be kicking myself for ever saying that when he is 3 and still wanting it… or 5… or 12. Can I admit I was 12 years old when I stopped? yup… really was. I was very attached ;-)

None the less… its so darn cute!


3 Comments on “I have to admit, its way cute

  1. I think that it is so sweet too…it seems like when “it might be your last” those special little baby moments are even that much more precious…I guess that it why I am now trying to wean my 14 month old from the breast so that I can teach him to get to sleep on his own! :( I feel like I am losing part of our little bond…funny how people pressure you to breastfeed, but if you go longer than they think you should they pressure you to stop! I have loved every single second of it (except the weaning of course), so love that little thumbsucker!

  2. My thumb sucker was my most content baby :), but you are right they don’t quit as easy. He will be 5 and still sucks it. Also, I am not sure I can say no more babies. 5 boys might be fun!!

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