Less is More – Our 1st Home

As some of you may already know, this past week Travis and I took a very big step in our lives and purchased our first home. We started the house search experience about a month ago after being pre-approved for a loan… It only took us about a week to realize that houses in this area were going like hot cakes… and we felt initially a little overwhelmed when we’d find a house we liked, to be told soon after it was already sold. This happened more than once too. We found like 6 homes we really liked, all of which were taken.

With the relator though we would get emails every day giving us information for houses newly listed. Travis and I had found a few that got our interested that were not sold… and so we schedule an apt. with the Relator to go look at them on Tuesday. The night before around 9pm, I got one of those emails though giving me one more house listing that fit our “wants” in a home… and as soon as I looked at it… and this may sound really strange… but I just felt that it was the house for us. Which is weird, seeing as I had not seen it in person. Photos we have learned can be deceiving when it comes to home buying.

On tues. AM we made our apt. to look at the 1st home on our list. I almost called the Relator that morning though to tell her to skip that house and let us start with this one that was just listed the night prior. I decided instead of causing confusion, that we would just see the 1st house, as originally planned… and then move onto the next one.

The 1st home we saw was gigantic. One of the biggest houses I had ever been in. HUGE kitchen, HUGE living room and extended 2nd living room. Two fireplaces, a basement, a loft in the garage, Im talking major square footage… It was a foreclosure and in our price range… but it also needed a ton of work. New garage doors, new windows… landscaping was a mess… that sorta stuff. While the idea of having all that space inside was appealing… the more I thought about the cost to heat a house that size or cool one that size, the more I wanted to steer clear. While space is nice… it does cost more in the long run.

So we went onto the 2nd house… the one listed the night before. I hope btw I am making some sense in all this :) – We pull up to this 2nd house… and I immediately am loving it. I loved the location, I loved the size of the back yard, I love how well kept the front yard is (it seriously is the prettiest yard on the street). I love the fact this house has a huge front porch with a porch swing! (in red). That “small detail” was actually something I secretly always wanted… but never “mentioned” to Travis or the Relator prior… since it was just “a detail.” – we walk into this house and I just had this feeling of “this is it.” – We walk around a few minutes… and before even seeing upstairs… or even into the basement, I was like “I dont think we need to see any more houses.” – We obviously didn’t make a decision right then without seeing the rest :) – but I was just speaking out loud at this point.

The house itself is smaller than what we are in currently. The kitchen gives me a bit more counter space and has potential to have a walk in pantry… but over all the house isn’t elaborate or huge in any way. It is a 4 bedroom house. 1 bedroom is downstairs, connected to a full bath. It has one living room but no den. The kitchen has a spot for your table. The upstairs has 3 bedrooms and another full bath. The bathroom upstairs is kinda neat too because it has a vanity area totally separate from the actual shower/toilet room. The bedrooms upstairs have such a charm about them, with nooks where the windows jut out a bit from the wall… and wood closet doors.

The house also has a STONE WORK fire place.. its beautiful!! I love it.

A full back deck, with gate to keep babes and toddlers from going down the steps.

It also has a fenced in portion to the yard, that is connected to one exit of the back deck (it has two exit points). The fenced in portion looks like it was used for a dog prior… as there is a big dog door as well that you can use if need be. I have dreams of using that space for a full garden and chicken coop!! This neighborhood has no home owners association, so Ive been told that we can have chickens! Makes me excited :) – I know they are work but I got 4 boys to take care of that heehee. We go through a massive amount of eggs… so the idea of having chickens to me just seems smart and good for the kids to be taught some responsibility.

The backyard is open, yet wooded. It is about an acre. Theres room for a trampoline, a tree house/fort… The kitchen window oversees the backyard too. So I can do dishes and work in the kitchen while my boys play outside and still see them perfectly.

The house also has a FULL basement. It is unfinished but it has lots of shelving, a two car garage (that is twice the size of our current one). It has washer dryer hook up in the basement but also has it on the main level. We have hopes to finish the basement with our tax return and turn that bottom big room into a office/guestroom/playroom. :) Once we finish the basement the house will be perfect for us to entertain guest but also give the boys a great space to play and my husband a room to sleep and study in if need be (when he has to work nights that is).

To add another plus, the house is only 2 minutes from our church! In the heart of the town.

After we saw the house, we knew that was it and told the Relator we wanted it. We went back to her office that morning, made an offer, etc..etc… an hour later we got the call, our offer was accepted, with closing cost included… and the house does also come with a stove, microwave and fridge. Oh and shes leaving me the red swing on the porch ;-) – on this coming Tues we will have the house inspected. If all is good to go, we will close on March 15th!

The house btw had only been on the market about 15 hours before we purchased it :) – and less than an hour after we saw it, it had multiple people interested in it. I believe the Relator said 20!? Crazy!

We are so excited… and I have such a peace in knowing that this house was such an answer to prayer. One thing I kept praying days prior to us seeing any homes… was that this process would not take long… that we wouldnt have to drag our children to a bunch of homes… and that we would find the house for us, fast. I also prayed for one in our budget, this one was under our budget! It has everything we wanted… and grant it, its not as open and big as I would have designed had I had a lot more money :) – the idea of it, and having to live with less, is so motivating to me.

We really do have to much. Most of us do. I want to live a more minimalist life and teach our children the importance of having less… and giving more.

One thing we made our boys do this week was to get rid of about 85% of their toys… They have so much they have collected over the years and yet only play with about 15% of it… I encouraged them that if they did this, Id purchase them a new lego set. To me legos are one of the best toys for them. They don’t take up a lot of room… and they are always coming up with new ways to play with them and create. When I think back on my own childhood, legos are one of the only toys I remember loving…

Our boys joyfully got rid of A TON!!! and now they have bare closets and less clutter. They haven’t once complained asking for any of it back. We intend on selling some of it on craigs list btw ;-)

This post is way longer than I thought it be when I first began typing it… it may bore some… but I just wanted to record the blessing the Lord has given us…

We are so excited to move this time! Where as previous moves have not brought the same excitement…

We will greatly miss our current home… it will always be so special to us… we will miss our neighbors as well. The cool thing is that we wont be far though :) and we can always visit.

and… of course :) Here is a photo – its just the one taken from the listing… I hope to get “better” pictures once its ours ‘officially.’


17 Comments on “Less is More – Our 1st Home

  1. looks like a wonderful house. And I agree with you, that while having more space might be nice, it’s just as nice to have the right amount of space…not too little, but not too much! Hope everything goes well with the home inspection! Can’t wait to see pictures!


    I was hoping that you guys were buying a new house when I saw your post on FB about what is “necessary” in a home! We recently moved from a large-ish {to me at least} home to a smaller home & we LOVE it! First, I love having LESS.TO.CLEAN. I love having my family in the same room rather than all spread out. I love the challenge of downsizing our possessions & making every inch count. I love having less house to cool and/or heat. I am so excited for you guys! It’s just LOVELY & I love love love how God blesses us with the little things we don’t even verbalize {your swing}.

  3. Congratulations! I have never commented before but just feel compelled to say congratulations and I can’t wait to see more pics and hear/see all the details of your new home. Well done :)

  4. AWESOME!!! Your description of the house sounds wonderful! As you turn that house into a home, I’m praying for years and years of happy memories that are waiting to be created!!

  5. What a beautiful story of God’s faithfulness to your family! This house seems so perfect for your family. Can’t wait to see inside pictures once you move in. We’re planning on getting chickens this spring too, so we should definitely chat about that. ;)

  6. I loved this post in more ways than you can imagine, but I just loved the fact I read it today… a day when I was in need of happy news. I had been praying for your move (even though I ddn’t know you were thinking about buying a house) and I’m so happy you found a house where your boys will grow and you can continue teaching, cooking and creating such great memories with them, as well as Travis.
    I”m super excitd for you guys and may everything work for you the way God intended it to be! :)
    Congrats on the house and glory to God for his mercies.

  7. Congratulations! This is hands down the most exciting thing you can buy as a family…and the most stressful. On March 16th, however, you will be SO HAPPY ;)

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