May not be Hawaii

Today my husband and I celebrated 10 years of marriage. It honestly feels so weird to be able to say I’ve been married that long. I haven’t even hit 30… and I have 10 years of marriage behind me. You add to the fact I have had 4 children, it feels even weirder!

Marriage is one of those things that I feel I went into very blindly.

I was 19….

Had only been out of high school a few months before I started dating Travis… While he was almost 7 years older than I was… neither of us I believe really knew how hard marriage could be.

It is so worth fighting for though and growing through.

We have both learned a lot over these 10 years… especially over the last year being in COR.

I could not imagine myself with any other man… and I am very blessed to have a strong and God centered husband and father to my boys.

I look forward to the next 10 years :) and am excited to see where the Lord takes us from here.

For our anniversary we may not have gone to Hawaii… although that would have been amazing. With the unexpected pregnancy and birth of sweet baby Reed… it just wasn’t in the cards for us this year :) – we do hope to celebrate with a trip later on… maybe next year ;-) – and well, I may be getting a house for my anniversary in a few months ::hint hint:: – sooooo well, I really have no need to ask for much more hah….

Anniversary date :)For today though my husband treated me to a full nights sleep…. he took Reed all night. This afternoon I went in for a 1 hour full body massage… ahhh love it… and when I got home from the massage we had a sitter come to watch baby Reed and Caleb. The other two boys went to my friend Shannon’s. Travis and I then got to go to the range to try out my new gun. I’ve debated blogging the fact we own guns… but I dont see the harm in being honest with that. For Christmas Travis got me a 9mm. I have never shot a 9mm… so you can imagine it felt very intimating…

Being able to shoot it today was very helpful. I feel so much more comfortable with it. It was fun to shoot! and…. well, I did pretty darn good seeing as it was my 1st time! I hit almost a 10 with the 1st few shots! I impressed Travis :) and even shot his 40 caliber as well. That thing had a bit more kick than I liked though :) – so ill stick to the 9.

It is def. something you have to really be careful with… and I am being extra cautious with it.


I’m thankful for the ability to have it though and I definitely feel more confident in going out alone. Especially at night and being in our home alone, so many nights.

After the gun range fun we enjoyed an amazing dinner at a really nice restaurant we had never been too. It was delicious. We enjoyed each others company, great conversations, hugs and kisses :) – and to end we came home to a house full of excited and happy boys waiting on us. :-D All of which crashed shortly after haha…

One thing I do hate we didn’t do today was get a recent photo of us together… Travis snagged some of me at the range but that was it. Maybe Sunday we will snag some :) – if not, we hope to have family pictures taken in a few months… so we will get some then.

Here is an oldie though taken about 5 years ago in our old town of Williamston. While it is 5 years old, I do still think we look similar :) – my hair is shorter and Travis has MORE hair hah… & I may be a weee bit smaller ;-) – im working on that! but it still is us. Its a favorite of mine…

Thank you Travis for an amazing anniversary. I love you Love!


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  1. Love it! Happy Anniversary! So glad you guys got to do something special! We haven’t even been able to go on a date/out to eat for the last 3 years of our anniversary, so yours sounds really nice! Love the pics! Blessings to you both! :)

  2. Happy Anniversary! Sounds like a wonderful night out with your hubby. I look forward to when my hubby and I are at 10 years. We just celebrated our 7th.

  3. Happy 10th Anniversary!!! Sounds like a fun evening. I, too, married young (19), I too have boys (5), I, too, own and shoot a gun and we’ve been married 22 years. I say it does continue to get better ;) Again, congrats.

  4. I find it very inappropriate for you to post pictures of yourself holding a gunon your blog. I used to enjoy reading your blog and seeing your beautiful boys, but will probably not be back. The US needs to take a serious look at guns legislation. This is how tragedies like Sandy Hook happen. Do you allow your children to see these photos?

    1. Jenny, in all honesty, having guns is not the problem. It is NOT having them that is the problem. History shows that in countries and areas that guns are ALLOWED there is less crime and less things like Sandy hook happening. Obviously stuff like that can happen regardless but had those teachers been armed, the amt of children who died that day would not have happened. Regardless if guns are banned some place, people can get them, just like drugs. I do allow my children to see those photos, in fact we took our 8 year old to the range and he shot my 9 mm himself. I do not have a problem at all with proper gun safety taught to children.

      Heres a few articles you need to read.

      Heres a story of a 14 year old boy watching his siblings (3 other brothers), when in the middle of the day an intruder breaks in and points a gun at the boy. Because this family had their own gun, this boy saved not only himself but his brothers. He shot down the intruder and did exactly what I would hope my child could do in the same situation.

      Heres a GA Mom who the same thing happened to. 1pm in the afternoon! At home with her twin girls. She also shot down the intruder and saved her family.

      Trust me for years after I had kids I was scared to have a gun. My fears were brought by ignorance on proper safety and use. I no longer fear having them and I am thankful we live in a state that allows them.

      Sorry you were offended by me posting the photos…. but you really should educate yourself and look into the history on guns and what happens when countries do outlaw them.

    2. @jenny, Jenny – has it ever crossed your mind that these terrible massacres occur in gun free zones? Why do you think that is? Because they know no one can defend themselves. The recent mall shooting in Portland would have been a lot worse if not for a citizen with a concealed weapon. A man did not see the no guns allowed sign at the mall and pulled his concealed gun on the assailant, who then ran around the corner and shot himself. Had that citizen not been there the casualties may have been much higher. It’s great that you feel Canada has ‘no’ gun problems but how do you suggest getting rid of guns in a country that already has them? Think the ‘bad guys’ will hand them in? Absolutely not! So the solution is to have responsible gun owners. Personally I feel it is unresponsible to own one but not know how to use it. If Drea knows how to use hers and wants to post about it, more power to her!

  5. You really think teachers should carry guns to school ~ why not just give them to the children also. I’m glad I live in Canada!

  6. Perhaps you should also educate yourself ~ Canada prides itself as a country with relatively little violence. Firearms are strictly controlled under the Firearms Act and every firearm must be registered. It is illegal to own or use a gun without a valid Firearms license. In Canada for example, “handguns must be registered and potential buyers must undergo training, a personal-risk assessment and a criminal background check; supply two references; and have their spouses notified before purchase” (Source: Washington Times).

    1. @jenny, Yup and the guy who had the guns at Sandy Hook took them from someone else. They werent purchased by him. It doesnt matter if you have “fire arm rules” – people will get guns if they want guns.

      1. @Dreawood, and Jenny, Canada as “safe” as you think it is, does have crime and does have shootings, even with their “gun rules” – Here are a few of them for you to catch up on:

        Name Location Date Year Death toll Notes
        Altona schoolhouse shooting Altona, Manitoba October 10 1902 2

        Centennial Secondary School shooting Brampton, Ontario May 28 1975 2 The Brampton Centennial Secondary School massacre was a school shooting, which occurred at Brampton Centennial Secondary School in Brampton, Ontario. 16-year-old gunman Michael Slobodian shot and killed a fellow student, a teacher and injured 13 other students before turning the gun on himself and committing suicide in a school hallway. It was the first school shooting in Canada.

        [12] Slobodian is the first recorded high-school killer in the country
        St Pius X High School Shooting Ottawa, Ontario

        October 27 1975 1 The St. Pius X High School shooting was a school shooting that occurred on October 27, 1975, at St. Pius X High School in Ottawa, Ontario. Robert Poulin, an 18-year-old St. Pius student, opened fire on his classmates with a shotgun killing one and wounding five before turning the gun on himself and committing suicide. Poulin had raped and stabbed his 17-year-old friend Kim Rabot to death prior to the incident. A book entitled Rape of a Normal Mind was written about the incident.

        Sturgeon Creek High School Winnipeg, Manitoba October 1978 1 A shooting at a vocational High School in Winnipeg occurred when a 17-year-old student shot a 16-year-old to death at Sturgeon Creek Regional Secondary School in Winnipeg, allegedly for ridiculing the rock group Kiss. He was found not guilty of first-degree murder by reason of insanity.

        École Polytechnique Massacre Montreal, Quebec December 6 1989 14 The École Polytechnique Massacre, also known as the Montreal Massacre, occurred on December 6, 1989, at the École Polytechnique in Montreal, Quebec. Twenty-five-year-old Marc Lépine, armed with a legally obtained semi-automatic rifle and a hunting knife, shot 28 people, killing 14 (all of them women) and injuring the other 14 before killing himself.

        Concordia University massacre Montreal, Quebec August 24 1992 4 The Concordia University massacre was a school shooting on August 24, 1992, that resulted in the deaths of four people at Concordia University in Montreal, Quebec. The shooter was Dr. Valery Fabrikant, a former Associate Professor of mechanical engineering at Concordia and a colleague of the slain men.

        W. R. Myers High School shooting Taber, Alberta April 28 1999 1 The W. R. Myers High School shooting occurred on April 28, 1999, at W. R. Myers High School in Taber, Alberta, when a 14-year-old walked into his school and randomly shot at three students, killing Jason Lang and injuring another.

        [13] This shooting took place only eight days after the Columbine High School Massacre, and is widely believed to have been a copycat crime.
        Dawson College shooting Montreal, Quebec September 13 2006 1

        The Dawson College shooting occurred on September 13, 2006, at Dawson College, a CEGEP in Westmount near downtown Montreal, Quebec. The perpetrator, Kimveer Gill, began shooting outside the de Maisonneuve Boulevard entrance to the school, and moved towards the atrium by the cafeteria on the main floor.[14][15]

        One victim died at the scene, while another 19 were injured, eight of whom were listed in critical condition with six requiring surgery.[16][17][18] The shooter later committed suicide by shooting himself in the head, after being shot in the arm by police.

        C. W. Jefferys Collegiate Institute shooting Toronto, Ontario May 23 2007 1 Two 17-year-old Canadian citizens, whom the media can not identify under the provisions of Canada’s Youth Criminal Justice Act, were arrested on May 27, 2007, and charged with the first-degree murder of a 15-year-old student at the C. W. Jefferys Collegiate Institute. Prior to one of the arrests, police had taken the unusual step of obtaining a judicial order to publish one suspect’s name and photograph as he was considered armed and dangerous. Media reported his identity and photo, then had to take the stories off their websites after he was arrested hours later.

        Bendale Business and Technical Institute shooting Toronto, Ontario September 16 2008 1 A 16-year-old boy was shot in the chest in the school’s parking lot following an altercation involving several people. No name has yet been released. On September 17, 2008, Toronto Police announced it had made 2 arrests of these shooting suspects; 18-year-old Mark Deicsics, has been charged with robbery while armed with a firearm and fail to comply with recognizance and the victim of the shooting and 16-year-old teen, has been charged with robbery while armed with a firearm. His name cannot be released under the limitation’s in Canada’s Youth Criminal Justice Act.[citation needed]

        Central Technical School shooting Toronto, Ontario September 30 2010 0 At around 1:00 PM EST there was a confrontation between 4 students, at least one gunshot was fired from a semi-automatic pistol. The school was placed under lockdown until 4:45 pm EST. Two suspects were apprehended by the Toronto Police Service but were not charged, one fled and was sought as a suspect until 7:30 pm EST when he was taken into custody. It was discovered he was a victim. One teen currently remains to be apprehended, and no one was seriously hurt or killed.[citation needed]

    2. @jenny, I am Canadian and I know we pride ourselves on the lack of guns but just because we don’t have *as many* guns doesn’t mean that it is safe. While in university one of my friends was out for an evening and because he talked to the wrong girl he was shot and killed in the street with an unregistered hand gun. While our gun problems may not be a visible as other countries, it is still there and still a problem.

      Drea I love that you and your husband went to the range for your anniversary. It looks like you had a lot of fun. Happy Anniversary, it is amazing how fast the years seem to go by.

  7. I think this is cooool :D kinda cheesy I know but Paul and I have been talking of this for two years. We feel the same way. I can’t wait to get my own gun and learn to shoot. I think it’s something we will enjoy together. We were at some new friends for dinner for the first time last night and they brought out their guns to show us. You couple with kids and they talked about the guns and there rules with the kids and I think they did a great in how they are handeling it with the kids. I have not doubts that you are doing it as well with your children. And there is nothing to fear. It was a neat common interest, It interesting how families are all thinking this way here lately. Sad but true we do live in different times. Thanks for sharing.

  8. I am not appalled at a picture of you holding a gun, I’m deeply saddened by the fact that you feel the need to have one on you. Where’s the faith? Where is the faith in God to protect you at all times. This is the mentality of Americans that is so sad to me. Carrying a gun in a diaper bag is the most appalling thing I have ever heard. I am so thankful to be Canadian. We have crime up here too, and never have I ever felt the need to own a weapon of any sort. That’s where faith comes in. I used to enjoy coming and reading this blog on occassion as well, but I cannot do so anymore either.

    1. Shelia, you’d be surprised how many moms in Georgia carry guns in their diaper bag :) – just saying.
      ALso it has nothing to do with my lack of faith in God. When you get into your car do you leave the seat belt off? If you have a faith in God you should, because he will protect you right? WRONG. God is so clear about us being wise… there is not a thing wrong with carrying a gun and it does not show any less faith than someone who would not carry one (for whatever reason). We are never promised another day. God is with us always but he does not promise we wont be killed by the man who jumps us in the parking lot at the store. I for one will not be a victim. If I were to walk across a dark parking lot and another woman was walking 2 rows over. Yet I had a gun clearly mounted on my hip, who do you think the perp would attack? Exactly. I am sorry you are offended by the fact I feel the need to protect my children.

      1. I totally agree with you Sheila. I am not naive enough to think that crime and shootings don’t happpen in Canada, it happens everywhere. I too have never felt the need to own a gun to protect my family, let alone carry one in a diaper bag. Guns won’t solve crimes and certainly teachers carrying guns won’t protect our children in schools. Enough said!

  9. I’m convinced alot of Americans live in fear, why else carry a gun. This is the warped mentality that has me scared to come and visit and spend money in the states. I’ve never felt the need to protect my children with a gun, I don’t know of anybody up here in Canada that feels that way. I feel so sorry this American mentality, incredibly sad, and even more so that a former pastor’s wife feels the need to carry one. You can justify having a gun however you want, it still boils down to having little faith in God to be your ultimate protector. I don’t even have a baseball bat beside or under my bed, why would I when God has promised to protect me? My husband goes on business trips often leaving me home with the kids, even tho during those times I don’t like being a single parent I am not afraid for my safety. I just think it’s incredibly sad that Americans have been instilled with the idea that guns will solve everything, and if you’re scared, carry a gun, it will ease your fears. God bless America.

    1. @Sheila, I have faith in God. I don’t have faith in other people. Sorry but people with a strong faith are still attacked. How we as parents choose to protect our homes and families is our choice.

    2. @Sheila, @Sheila, I am an immigrant living in America and love the freedoms of this great country. I too worship God, but I am not stupid and let an armed man assault me or my family. Yes God is our protector, He is always with us. We trust in Him, but what is stopping the rest of the crazies and atheists out there from going on a shooting rampage and killing innocent people?

      What about the story of David and Goliath, did David not have full trust in God that he would keep him safe? Why did he need to use the five stones to KILL the giant AND later on his brothers? Did Abraham not trust 100% in God when he went to rescue Lot when he was taken when there was war going on between the neighboring kings of Sodom? Why did Abraham fight to rescue him and his family + servants? Was there no trust there either?
      You take pride in not needing a gun to protect your family, and God bless you for that and I pray he continues to keep you safe. The truth of the matter is that guns are not the problem, anything can be used as a weapon, a stake knife can cause much damage to the human body if the person handling it is determined to do it. Should we also remove all stake knives from our homes and ban them?

      No it is not cool to have to carry a gun, but this world is becoming more perverse by the minute, and I pray that if you’re ever in any danger there’s a gun carrying citizen near by to protect you!

    3. God does promise to be our ultimate protector, but each and every one of us takes measures to protect ourselves as well. We wear our seatbelts when in the car. We lock our doors at night. None of these protective measures mean we don’t have faith in God.

      I don’t think it’s fair that you imply Andrea lacks faith in God based on her gun ownership.

  10. Your comment about how surprised I’d be to know how many mom’s carry guns in their diaper bags in Georgia speaks volumns. I’m sure I would be surprised – appalled is more like it, again it just goes to show a very different mentality, a very scared, and fearful society that you live in. I have no use for guns whatsoever, I don’t think they solve anything, only make it worse. But, I am not here to argue, and certainly not with a young American, gun-loving mother, who thinks it’s cool to run around with a gun in her diaperbag or on her hip, but I suppose that’s the American-way, which I certainly don’t want a part of. So beyond grateful to be Canadian.

    1. @Sheila, you know I don’t ever recall saying its “cool” to carry a gun. I wish I didn’t have too. My bag is heavy enough without it. It’s just one more thing to remember.

      It’s worth keeping with us tho.

  11. Drea, I am a longtime reader but this is the first time I leave a comment.
    I love seeing the pictures of your boys, they’re super cute! I have to admit I got giddy when I saw the picture of you holding your new gun, women who believe in their “right to bear arms” are hard to come by.
    I too got a new gun for Christmas =)

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