Wood Knots

Please disregard lil Reed’s goop eyes… they seem to be a little better today but its still a battle. Rubbing those tear ducts and hoping!


I wanted to post these photos though to share how Reed looks 90% of the time. He is just one stern looking little dude! He has inherited what we call “Wood Knots” – something from Travis’ family no doubt. :) Travis told me one time he preached at his home church many years ago… and after the sermon he asked his dad “What was wrong with you?! you looked mad the entire sermon.” – his dads response “I was just concentrating.” :-D

So these concentrated looks are from a long line of wood dudes and my little Reed proudly wears them.

One thing he also wears though, is an awesome chub-filled smile.


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  1. Have you used colloidal silver (like liquid silver shield) on his eye? Just a drop a few times a day. My sister just used it in her eye and it cleared up a stye in less than 24hours.

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