3 days shy

am I really almost 4 months?


_MG_1331Reed is a ball full of adorable-soft squishy hugs and yes… almost 4 months old. It goes way to fast. I can’t get enough kisses from this little dude and love the age he is at right now.

Even though his “8 hour sleep streak” is now at a stand still… most nights we are lucky to get 6 hrs. Regardless, he is such a pleasant little dude. Super laid back… He goes with the flow.

He recently started breaking out on his lower chin area. I started to really notice it a few weeks ago and its just hit and miss from day to day. Some days it flares up more than others. I really believe it is because he has started to drool A LOT…. and also because he sleeps on his tummy, so he often drools on the sheet and his chin just rest in it… (gross) So that part of his face just stays damp and seems irritated. We try to keep it washed for him, which does seem to help.

He seems to be getting a little bit more hair :)

His eyes without a doubt should stay blue. I love that about him.


Little Reed to me is favoring Taite right now. What do you think? Below is a photo of Taite.

So serious...

and here is Owen at about the same age…


now Reed…. :)

IMG_1537 copy

and… a side by side of Owen and Reed w/ Caleb


Hmmm…. hes a good mix, no? :)


*Hat is from the Cotton Cupcake Shoppe*

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  1. He is definitely more Taite than Owen! Although the form of his eyes looks much like Owens when you watch at those pictures.

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