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A simply sweet Valentines

IMG_1587This morning I picked up my camera for once :) – rather than my iphone. I wanted to cook our boys a nice big breakfast to celebrate Valentines Day. While we aren’t huge on “the whole buying stuff toys and candy” aspect of the day… I do think its sweet to express our love to each other. Having a day to do that, beyond normal days :) – is fun.

So this morning I cooked up a huge breakfast!

Serving eggs, nitrate free uncured bacon (oh man I love bacon), cinnamon rolls, whole grain buttermilk waffles w/ chocolate chips of course (because valentines day has to have chocolate!)… chocolate milk (for the boys, a treat!) and of course good company.

Caleb helped me cook up the meal….

Taite and Caleb helped set the table.

Daddy and Reed slept in while we did the cooking…

Owen begged for milk early :)

and…. well, we just had a great sweet time together. Thankful for my beautiful family and feel so blessed to have them all with me today.

I decided to capture a few details from the morning… just for fun :) – its the small details that I will enjoy looking back on and remembering…

Hope everyone had a great Valentine’s Morning as well.



Cooking a big meal always results in a mess btw ;-)











Note: TO those curious if I ate :) – I am still on my 8 day challenge… so I did not get to enjoy most of the food hha…. id id however have some bacon since it was protein, although not lean ;-) – and I had my 8 day shake as well… I am not in the least bit hungry with the shake … so its fine. One thing I have learned over this cleansing period is to say no to foods I typically would eat way to much off ;-) – and man am I good at chugging shakes! haha… downed mine this morning in seconds!

& we so need a new family photo ;-) – love the one we have up right now but lil’ Reed needs to be included. Hoping to plan that this spring.

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  1. Yummm, your breakfast looked lovely. My adult boys are still living at home and because they are, I still leave them Valentine treats =) Its just a fun day. I am all into eating healthy and good exercise….I sure hope the 8 day isn’t that stinken xyngular or whatever it is called that I keep hearing negative on.

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