Babywearing and BB’s

A few days ago, Travis and I decided to take the kiddos out to a nearby park and natural trail/creek area, to enjoy the mid 60 degree weather we had that day. After lots of cold and rain… it was a must!


This park is about 20 minutes from our home … but well worth the drive. It has the most amazing trails and just a very quiet area for the boys to play. I love it.


While there we enjoyed the play ground, time with friends, the boys got in the creek. In fact Owen got down to his underwear!! was not planned ;-) – but he didnt want his pants on since they got wet… so since it was just us and a few friends, we didn’t mind.



We also brought some cans and Travis taught the boys how to shoot with his BB gun. They loved it. Was a lot of fun. I use to shoot with a BB gun all the time growing up. I have lots of great memories doing that with my dad and brother.








3 Responses to Babywearing and BB’s

  1. noe says:

    i started reading your blog before Taite was born. I can’t believe how big all of them are! It’s really fun and a great treat to see them grow…
    Y’all look very happy!

  2. Milana says:

    i love your family shots! – do you use a tripod to take those..or someone else there? we need more family pics!!

  3. Deepa says:

    Owen looks SO grown up the picture with his brothers! Time sure does fly!! Are you planning for his birthday?? I’ve just begun planning for Nanma’s. We’re on a shoestring budget this year, but she’s pretty excited!

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