Best Feeding, have to share

Here I am… 4:25am and I am awake. Yet my sweet lil Reed is not. :-)

We moved him into his own room this week and ever since he has been doing a lot better sleeping. I joked that he could totally smell me being in our bedroom… but he also probably “heard” me…. not that I snore of anything ;-) – but you know, little movements here and there, bed squeak, sheet shuffle… I doubt I am a silent sleeper, especially since my bed looks like some sort of animal had a fight in it the following morning.

Four months old and already wanting to hold his bottle. #theygrowtofastThat being said… Im up waiting for him to wake now. While up I was on my google reader and saw that Ashlee @ Bird Nest Egg posted a new blog post. She recently started back blogging and am so glad she did. Her honesty has been refreshing to read.

The post she put up tonight though was so appreciated…. I think many mothers who nurse have thought the way she thought… and so to hear her express words of apology and go into such detail about her journey nursing and struggling this time to nurse… was honestly SO GOOD to read….

So if you are a mom who is struggling right now with nursing.

Or a mom who is no longer nursing….

Or even a mom WHO IS nursing.

I think every mom out there needs to read Ashlee’s Post.

Click, Share, Comment. It is worth reading.

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  1. oh those middle of the night feeding can be brutal. But those sweet little faces makes up for it, well maybe not at 4 am but later in the morning or later in the afternoon :-)

    How did the move into another room thing, worked out for ya?

    Have a wonderful weekend

  2. On a similar note, this is how I feel about natural birth versus c-section births. Sometimes I feel like mothers who do natural births feel a superiority over mothers who did not have a natural birth…it’s almost like they feel like they deserve some kind of special recognition for it. And I also sense a bit of the idea that if mothers would just try harder or educate themselves or if the mothers had advocated for themselves better during the birthing process that they would have been able to do the “best” kind of birth for the baby, a “natural” birth. Even the term “natural” birth sounds biased to me, seemingly insinuating that other births are unnatural or less worthy of accolades. I had a c-section. My body was simply not able to dilate. Do I deserve less respect because my body did not cooperate with my idea of the ideal birth? Heck, I think I did pretty awesome considering that I was awake throughout a process where my body was cut from one side of my pelvis to the other, a baby was extracted from my body, and I was then stitched back together…not even mentioning the horrible pain of recovery that I had to endure while having to be at the beck and call of a newborn. So, I certainly see your perspective but from a different point of view. I think ALL mothers deserve respect, and no one is better than any other simply because their body functioned in line with their ideals of what they consider best for their babies

    1. @Joanna, I think often times that is just an assumption though Joanna. I have had experiences both ways. 2 of my boys were born with epidural’s, the other two without anything. All 4 labors were very different…. I felt accomplished with all 4!! but will honestly say I felt very empowered after my two natural births. I think there does come a sense in accomplishment after going through that without pain killers… but I do not label myself as any better than any other mother out there… I have had many friends have c-sections and I have also had many choose willingly to get any med possible to make things more comfortable :) – and you know what.. thats ok! :) Nothing wrong with it at all. That is just up to the individual.

      I will say, more times than not c-sections are done because of so many unnatural interventions in the labor process. I think a lot of the c-section cases could have been avoided had the mother been a little more educated about the aspects of labor and the affects of some medications. Im just being honest here…

      That though is up to the mother… and her desires. Some could care less and I dont think thats wrong in the least… for me though I wanted to know about the process in detail… and what the medications would cause if I choose to use them. Nothing more than that….

      C-section is no joke… its major surgery… Im thankful I never had to go through the recovery of that…c ause I know its hard and so painful.

      So kudo’s to any woman who has ever given birth, naturally, c-section, epidural, forceps… vacuum…etc… whatever the method, it is no easy task! :)

      1. @Dreawood, I consider myself to have been VERY well-educated on all forms of births before having my son. I read everything that I could find about my options and I talked with several doctors, nurses, and veteran mothers about birthing issues/complications. I am a person that worries about EVERYTHING, so knowing EVERYTHING about what was going to go on (or could go wrong) was essential to me. That being said, I appreciate that all women should educate themselves completely about the birthing process. However, my education did not save me from the circumstances of my son’s birth. I have confidence in my doctor’s decision that a c-section was necessary. She is a close, personal friend of mine, and she understood and totally respected my wishes for a natural birth. But, Andrea, sometimes things are out of our control, kind of like when your body would not produce milk in the quantities that you needed. It doesn’t matter how much you read about nursing, what experts you consulted, how many interventions you tried, or your sheer willpower…sometimes, things are just out of our control. I don’t fault you for something your body would simply not do, and I hope that you don’t fault me for being unable to do something that my body would not allow me to do.

        1. @Joanna, I never said you werent educated going in… I said that many women do go in uneducated and because of that a lot of csections do happen even when there wasnt a need. I didnt say that was your situation. I realize despite some being in the know things happen… A friend of mine went thru an entire labor process only to realize her baby would not FIT through her pelvic bones… she is super small framed and he was just to big. This is something they did not know until laboring was almost all the way done. There was nothing to prevent c-section for her, no matter if it were natural or not.

          I realize this happens and I would NEVER FAULT ANYONE for it. In fact I wouldnt fault anyone even if it wasnt needed.

  3. That was a brave and beautiful post. I struggled with breast feeding right from the beginning. And then at about 4 and a half months, my supply started dwindling and at 5 months, my baby decided she wanted to nurse no more. I still feel bad when I think that the last time I nursed her was at a booth at KFC!! Had i known it would be my last, I would have savoured the moment and certainly chosen a better setting than KFC!

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