Few answers, about my journey to drop a few :)

Starting weight 124... Goal weight 112. Hope to be down at least 6-8 in a week :)As many of you already know, since it is all over my facebook and instagram :) – I have begun the process of dropping a few unwanted baby pounds. I was beginning to notice as Reed continued to grow, that I was not dropping any of my baby weight… while I did drop SOME… I still had about 10 pounds to go and I just felt as if it would never leave me, since I never had the time to invest in working out like I use too.

I was introduced to an amazing program through a friend… who I must add has lost A TON of weight with this program but also feels amazing in the midst… its not a program filled with misery and not being able to enjoy foods :) – although I will not lie, the 1st few days were an adjustment… but doable. Now that I am on the “eating” days, where I get to enjoy large 500-600 calorie meals, it is awesome! Im not in the least bit hungry and feel great. For 4 days I have had ZERO tea… or coke either… which for me most mornings would start with a boost with a soda or HUGE glass of tea.

In 4 days I have lost 4 pounds! I am just shy of 120 :) and can totally tell. My goal weight is 115.

I plan to post my before/after pictures once I am finished with the 8 days. If you follow me on instagram @dreawood – you will see my post with scale photos and photos of what I am eating.

For those interested in learning more about the program msg me on facebook and I will give you the down-low.

It feels good to put a little something towards “me” – where most of me is stretched between 4 little boys – who are so worth it… but one thing I have learned is very important is SELF CARE… this is my start of some self care ;-) – after the 8 days I will continue a few of their products but eat a fairly normal diet. It is not just about weight loss but a life style change and living healthy.

Just enjoyed my larger 500-600 calorie meal and I'm still down 4lbs! I am feeling so much better. Lots of energy despite being up 3 times last night with Reed. #instabokeh #bokeh @bokehcamfxSide messy pony tail type of day... #tamingthelocks

Also to those who have heard about this from me already… I will answer one question I keep getting. Is this safe to attempt this while nursing. In my opinion NO. Just because the 1st 8 days you are cutting your calories significantly… and even though I was not able to nurse my babies… I do know the importance of eating more while nursing and keeping your supply up. SO! I say wait til you finish nursing to start this… enjoy those sweet baby cuddles… and deal with the weight loss after your journey nursing :) – each phase of life has its season…

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  1. Great update! Thankfully my body seems to she’d tons of weight while nursing. It’s after that when I have issues though. I get so used to eating a ton to keep up with nursing, and I forget to cut back when I’m done. Then the weight all comes back:(

  2. I’m the same Stacey:/ But of course when I’m nursing my diet is limited to what my kids CAN eat and then when the kiddo is weaned… I can have the dairy and eggs back:)

    Looking forward to your success Andrea;)

  3. You looked amazing/healthy before the weight loss and I’m not just saying that. It’s true :-). I’m interested in hearing more since my mom may be interested if it plays nice with her meds. Does it get rid of water weight? I could use the energy, but I’ll pass on the weight loss + I’m nursing, still gotta eat for 2 :-).

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