Great to Worship

IMG_1582One thing I longed for… for many many many many years, was a place I felt comfortable to worship…. and while I have learned throughout these years of ministry behind us… we have to learn to be content where we are and with what we have… finding contentment in worship services that felt… as if they “lacked” in spirit… was a struggle for me.

I realize now it was a heart issue with me but I also realize how the body as a whole affects everyone… and I know now that my inability to worship fully wasn’t just “all me” but did have a lot to do with the church too….

I hope that made sense.

I am so thankful for our church… there really are no words to express how much I love it….

and the worship.


It has been good for me…. and the Lord knew I needed it.

Thankful to be able to worship as a family too…. I love seeing my boys get excited about worship… even little Owen.

Our church really is amazing.

One Commnet on “Great to Worship

  1. I know exactly how you feel. I had to move and leave a church I really loved. At my new church it feels as though the people just aren’t excited to worship like my old church. I like my new church but it doesn’t feel the same for me as my old church.

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