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Not Done?

Yesterday I came across a video on a blog I read called Kate Conners. It was a video about adoption.

Before I get into what I wanted to share… take a few moments to watch the video below.

That video is such an evidence of the blessing children are! What is even more evident to me is how powerful and amazing adoption is.

I am 29 years old… and have been able to give birth 4 times… to 4 beautiful amazing boys… I am so thankful for that! Thankful for the experiences of being pregnant… although not easy at all… and labor is far from a simple task :) – but a blessing none the less… I know so many who cant have children and I know what a burden it is for those who desperately want to… yet never will.

After Reed was born…. Travis and I both started to feel as if my time for “birthing” babes was coming to an end. Even though I am not even 30 yet… the pregnancies have gotten very difficult physically for me.

Even though the joy and sweet feelings of pregnancy were there “at times” – the task as a whole was exhausting… especially with other little ones to tend to.

So Travis especially is thinking “we’re done.” – but… and this is such a weird thing to say…. especially since a few months ago I would have never thought Id feel this way… but for some strange reason, I feel we aren’t done.

When I watched the above video… I cannot help but feel a tugging in my heart to adopt. The world and really even loved ones may think I am a complete nut… but the idea of a large family seems just right… According to society though we “can’t afford” what we have… and therefore shouldn’t even have any more… and while I think its important to be wise with what the Lord has given us… I also know He gives us a peace and a desire in these areas, that despite “what may not look right” to the world… may be exactly what “is right.”

I joke with Travis saying “its the one way I can guarantee a girl.” HAH… but really… Id take another little boy in a heart beat. Having 4 boys is A LOT… and there are many days I am completely overwhelmed and “done.”

More often times than not though I look at my children and am so thankful the Lord has blessed us with so many… They really are a blessing….


Can’t you see us adopting twin sisters and putting them into that bundle of boy love? :)

5 Comments on “Not Done?

  1. I didnt get to watch the video yet, but I will. I think adoption would be so neat for you guys! And you’re young, so you can even wait a few years. I’m 33, and this pregnancy (my third) has been a lot tougher on me, especially with keeping up with my wild 2 and 4 year olds and doing it all alone. I’d love to have a 4th “biological” child like you have, and I would also love to adopt. I know several families who have adopted domestically, and there are so many kids who need a home! What a blessing your family would be! Just listen to the Lord’s leading – I’m sure he has awesome plans for the Wood family! Oh, and totally agree about the financial aspects! People think we all need so much money to raise kids when that is not true in the least! We may do without some worldly things so I can be home with my kids, but it is so worth it.

  2. I feel the EXACT same way, too funny. Except my husband is not on board for adoption yet. I am praying that the Lord either changes my heart or his :)

  3. My little one who’s just a few days younger than Reed, was our blessing though adoption! We also are blessed with her big sister (bio). Adoption was always a plan A for us. I started researching when my first born was 6 months old (and yet they’re 6 years apart)! Our adoption story from start to finish was long (too young, not enough income/number of people, a u-turn from international to domestic), seeing His hand bring my little one to me was amazing. He did every bit!!! One night we asked the Lord to do it all when it came to adding to our family. The next morning we got our call. He provided (in crazy ways) for our adoption! I can say without a doubt that I was meant to be her mommy!

  4. Drea,

    As a mom to six boys six and under some of whom are adopted/foster children, I would say go for it! It is a wonderful blessing but also one of the hardest things you will ever do. We love having a house full of boys and I also someday want a little girl to finish off the brood. We were never lucky enough to have a quiver full of children the natural way, but God has provided a houseful of boys for us to love….and we love it! Obviously the are challenges, but like everything else it is so worth it. We homeschool two of the six and its great! There are so many children that need a home, why not provide for the mid you can!

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