Sovereign Trust

IMG_1577I am sure any mother out there or wife really, has at one point dealt with the possible fear of loosing their spouse. Im not sure if it is because my husband’s job is now very dangerous… I mean the man straps on a bullet proof vest when he leaves the house now… or because I feel as if we have been so blessed that there is a small fear of something going wrong because we have been so showered with grace. I know those fearful thoughts don’t come from the Lord… and we should never live in a state of fear… but I wont lie, there are days I struggle with thoughts of my boys not having their dad around.

It especially hits me when I see them play together. While some days the noise level of their “wrestling” gets on my nerves… on certain days, I am so thankful for the incredible relationship they have. I think a strong relationship for boys with their father is so important!

I do pray they will have it for the rest of their “childhood” and even longer.

It is one of those things that you learn to have a sovereign trust… in knowing the Lord has numbered our days… and that He does care for us. It also compels me to pray for my children’s salvation… because even though we are never promised another day here…. we are promised an eternity together.

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  1. I agree with Melissa’s comment. Won’t go into detail of my recent significant lost but I really needed to read that. I’m currently reading Heaven by Randy Alcorn and the peace that book brings me is amazing. I know it, but it really hits you in the face hard while going through the “tough” of life.

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