Starting to Mill

I’ve had a few people ask me what they needed in order to get started milling their own wheat. Hopefully it will be helpful for those interested.

To start milling your own wheat there are a few MUST…

1. A Mill
Cost: $250-ish (worth ever penny)

– I suggest the Wonder Mill or Nutri Mill. I own the Wonder Mill personally and love it… I do have a few friends however who use the Nutrimill and love it too. So either one I am sure would be great! The Wonder Mill I do know is guarantee’d for life! It is self cleaning and just pure awesomeness. It mills very fast too. My husband told me I should have gotten a hand crank mill… in case we ever lost power… my thoughts on that…. if we ever loose power, ill go to the store and buy some bread ;-) haha… and if there is ever a day we don’t have power in the united states for a long extended period of time… then we will cross that brige when it comes. For now, ill stick with my power runned mill ;-) – because, well… who has time to mill wheat by hand?! Not me.

2. A Source of Wheat
Cost: 45 pounds – $35-45

– I am spoiled by living very close to a store called Bread Beckers. I buy my grain organically in bulk there… as well as all my sweeteners and even raw milk. It is an amazing store…. and the prices are great. If you don’t have a store that sells grain by bulk you can often find co-ops in your area that do. Just do a bit of research and I am sure you can find something.

– I use both Hard Red Organic and Hard White Organic. The Hard White I find works best for cookies and cakes… where the Hard Red is awesome for muffins, breads… You can also mix the two, which I do more often than not.

– One 45 pound barrel of wheat last me a couple months. Because I have two barrels it sometimes can last me longer. Just depends on if I am baking a lot. I use the wheat for all our flour needs. Milling it fresh is key.

3. A Good Mixer or Bread Machine
Cost: Varies…

– A good bread machine will set you back $200, but you can get away with using a Kitchen Aid Mixer (which most people have) and just purchasing a good dough hook to use ($15.00 or so for those). Some people prefer to mix all their dough by hand… I do not… I typically use my Bread Machine (a zojirushi) to do my kneading… and I then make bread, cinnamon rolls, doughnuts and whatever else I want, using the dough it made for me. Saves me some time this way.

4. Some Loaf Pans
Cost: Between $6.50+

– I use Norpro Loaf Pans. They work great! I also have some standard cheap-o- loaf pans I got many years ago (not sure on their brand) that work well too. You really do not need anything fancy… the Norpro ones cook well, since they are very thin.

5. Yeast, Honey, Sucanat, Oil & Other ingredients….

Cost: Varies

To bake, you obviously need other ingredients besides wheat. I suggest purchasing the Bread Becker Recipe book. Its nothing fancy but it has the most amazing recipes in it. Best thing, its only 6 bucks! I use her book more than any other cook book around. It has a recipe for almost any “baked” good you can think of. It will supply you with lots of other great information on how to make bread as well and what you will need to do so.

To those curious I use Sage Honey or Sucanat (Sugar Cane Natural) to sweeten my bread. I also use organic coconut oil or extra virgin olive oil in my breads. I do not add gluten or lecithin to mine however… most of the recipes in the Bread Becker book call for this… but I have found it is not needed, as long as you eat your bread within a couple days.

6. I also suggest the CucinaPro 10 Inch Totilla Maker
Cost: $80.00

If you like tortillas, this is awesome. You can whip up a batch of fresh whole grain tortilla in a matter of minutes. Seriously fast!! super simple to use too. I got this lovely appliance for Christmas :)

I think that is about it….

I love milling our wheat and can’t imagine baking without it now.

If you’d like to learn more about the awesome health benefits associated with milling your wheat, check out these online video classes at the Bread Becker website. They are free to watch!!

Below are a few of my favorite recipes using whole grain too. A couple of these I made up by tweaking regular flour recipes and I must say, they turned out fantastic! Enjoy!

Whole Grain Sugar Cookies
(soft and so addicting!!)


Cinnamon Rolls


Simple Buttermilk Pancakes


100% whole grain DOUBLE chocolate muffins


White Hard Wheat Doughnuts


Our family favorite… Chocolate Chip Cookies (these are amazing!)


Buttermilk Waffles


Cocoa Wafer Cookies (soft and rich, we love these)


Chocolate Whole Grain Cake (very moist!)


and to end… my new favorite bread recipe!

My new fav bread recipe :) will post recipe soon. #realfood #wholegrain

Hopefully this was helpful ;-) – leave a comment if you have any questions.

6 Comments on “Starting to Mill

  1. Great post! I always point people to Bread Beckers too, even if its just to watch their online classes. I bought some USA pans, and I love them so much! I sold my Pampered Chef stoneware bread pans because the USA pans are so much nicer! A Bosch mixer and a tortilla press are on my wish list.

  2. My BB’s cookbook is in terrible shape. I used it religiously for years. Then during one of my pregnancies I developed a hate for the smell of yeast and whole wheat bread and it’s sat neglected for awhile. These last few months, I’ve been determined to get back into healthy baking. I’ve used several recipes you have posted on your blog with great success. PLEASE keep posting them!!!!! : ) I wish I lived closer to the Bread Becker’s store. We live about 2 hours from there but my sister lives just a short drive….as short a drive as you can have in Atlanta. I have several videos bookmarked to watch but have yet to find the time. I have 4 children 6 and under and one due in May so as you know things are quite lively and busy. Love it!

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