Weird to look back….

I added an archive widget on my right side bar. Some of you may have noticed. I was looking for some old photos of Caleb and while looking for them, came across the very 1st photo I put up on my blog. Back in 05.

The post had a little paragraph introducing myself to “the bloggy” world….

Here is what I said…

lookingback“Hi peoples! Welcome to my blog. My names Andrea. Im a 22 yr. old stay at home wife and mother. Im just going to use this blog to share with family and friends what’s going on every now and then from day to day! My son Caleb does some funky stuff {man im such a nerd} … so it be neat to remember it by posting it on this blog! Along with pictures… Enjoy your stay.”

TO think back on that day is weird. I actually remember it! I remember sitting in that apartment, up in Northern Ohio… completely overwhelmed at what life had brought to me. I had no clue going into things what marriage really was about and what motherhood was to bring. Add to it ministry and at the time living 12 hrs from anyone I knew… it was not an easy few years. I look back and see a lot of heart ache… but also a lot of growth. For that I am thankful… because I know through the trials the Lord has only made not only myself stronger but my husband and our marriage/family.

I did a side by side of myself (almost 30) and my former 22 year old self. I must say… and I mean this in the most humble of ways [trust me, my husband can speak for me in saying I never compliment myself] – but looking back on this particular photo… I think the last 9 years, age has been gracious to me :)

Thankful for the years…

Thankful for the Lords grace on us.

10 years of marriage…

9 of those going full force into mother hood.

3 different churches…

8 moves? Almost 9?

New careers….

Thats a lot to take in! :) but thankful for being able to take it in… and grow while doing it.

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