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Boys and I – Birthday for Owen

Yesterday was Owen’s official “3rd birthday…” but because Travis had to work yesterday evening, we decided to post pone celebrating with “cake and all that” until Friday. I had hopes of having a little celebration for him at the park… but I think our spring weather has fled and this week is cold…. and on thur/friday (Travis’ off days this week), it looks like rain. Boooo…. So, I think something intimate and at home is in order…. which is fine. Less is more right?

IMG_2156For fun though I wanted to do something special with Owen even though Travis wasn’t able to join us… and so I packed the boys up after naps and we made our way to the mall. The mall here is actually really nice… I never enjoyed the mall where we use to live… so its actually a treat to live close enough to a nice mall now. The boys love going there.

On the schedule was to stop by the Lego store to let the boys play. Its a great spot where they can build men (they have a little set up in the store that allows this) and they also have some other neat features in the store that entertains them… like this TV thing that will actually ANIMATE any lego box (250 pieces of more) right in front of them. Im not sure how it does it, but its pretty darn cool.





We then made our way to Build a Bear.

My 1st thoughts on Build a Bear… for years was “what a total waste of money!” – just being truthful here haha…. but I really just thought it wasn’t worth the money… and didn’t understand why people went there.

Well. I humbly apologize for my inner thoughts on Build a Bear.

As over priced as it may be…. on SOME items. I will say for what Owen got, it was well worth the $10.00 we spent.



It was so stinkin’ cute to watch him get all excited about this little stuff toy…. and then when the worker there had Owen do all these little things with the little plush heart they place into the bear, it was just cute to watch. He would kiss the heart… rub it on his fore head (so his bear would be smart hah…) and so on… he helped push the pedal to fluff up his bear and even gave it a bath.

He named his bear Zane but then told me later his name is just “Bear.”










To end our evening, we enjoyed a meal together… the boys played with their ninja’s (Owen picked a small set of men while at the Lego store)… and then to end I let them ride the Merry Go Round (sorry no pictures of that, I was babywearing lil’ Reed and holding Owen’ onto a horse during that time).




While it makes me sad that my husband can’t be here during those times … I am thankful for the time with my boys regardless… I truly enjoy spending time with them like this! They behave well while we are out at the mall too… ::knock on wood::

4 Comments on “Boys and I – Birthday for Owen

  1. A town nearby where some friends of my sister and me are living is a Legostore for a couple of months now, too! Beside that we have been a little bit dissapointed how less they have got there and that they have the same prices like in any other store where you can buy Lego, I was totally fascinated by this TV Box thing, too! Yes, even as adult it entertained me :)

  2. Oh Drea I hear ya about time out with the kids and husband can’t come due to work. I experienced that a lot with my boys when they were younger but it was such a good time too. I get that ;) Come on, you can get a bear for only $10 there? I thought they were much more expensive than that. I’m impressed with the attention he got and the carry box and everything. This came out well after my guys were past this age. We are cold in MI too. It was 80 degrees here last year this time…..we are still having snow flurries!!

  3. Happy Birthday to Owen! I started following your blog before you were pregnant with him…time flies!
    My boys LOVE the LEGO store too! Any chance they get to run in and play, build, and dream up their next LEGO wishlist item, we are there!

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