Caleb’s age… began her journey with Cancer

Ive posted about this young lady before on my twitter… but I just had to do another post about her.
I follow her on instagram and youtube… shes a beautiful spunky 13 year old, who since Caleb’s age (8) has been battling cancer over the years.

Her cancer is spreading… and the news she got just last week was not great news… and I just cant seem to stop thinking about her!… I am praying for her… that the Lord would heal her but even more so that she would come to know the Lord…. God is the author of life… and while I will never understand why sweet children have to suffer through something as horrible as cancer… what I do know is that the Lord gives…. and He takes away… and we are not promised tomorrow… and I just pray for this sweet dear ones soul… she will be cancer free one day… it may not be here on earth…. but I know that if we confess the Lord is Lord, he is just… and good… and gracious… and He promises us an eternity free from pain… free from cancer… free from sorrow….

Please pray for her. Her name is Talia… and if you watch the video below you will one, smile… at just how bubbly and fun she is… but also your heart will ache for her… Pray… please.

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  1. I have prayed for so many children over the years that I have heard about on blogs like yours….a beautiful smile this Talia has. Will pray for this sweet girl and her family.

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