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Adjusting Holidays

With Travis’ new line of work… I have come to realize almost every Holiday that rolls around, will be spent alone.

Last Christmas and Christmas Eve was an eye opener for me no doubt. I got pretty depressed during those days… and one thing that really made it worse was getting on facebook on those days and seeing people post photos of themselves together with their entire family… while I sat alone with my boys.

Yeah, not a great memory of mine.

In fact, that is all I remember… how hard it was.

While I do not believe we will have many Christmas’ like that one… maybe one more, at the most… I will say, in the mean time, one thing I have learned is to adjust the holidays to fit our schedule. The world around us may not do that for us :) – but we can try and make it work despite the crap hours and ‘never ending no off day’ schedules.

So since the 4th of July was out, Travis worked… we waited… We celebrated our 4th on the following Sunday.

… and you know, it was just fine.

We maybe didn’t get to go out and see a really big fire work display… but we were together as a family… and that is what mattered.

Cool thing with waiting too is that fire works were 50% off. ;-) – soooo we saved money too! hah…

Here are a few memories from our small belated 4th of July celebrations.
*Reed btw was asleep during all this time, so he is not in any of the photos below*

We started with those “popper” things, you know the ones you throw on the ground and they pop.







They were small but they were very loud :)









7 Comments on “Adjusting Holidays

  1. I’ve come to realize over the years that it doesn’t matter what DAY you celebrate, so long as you celebrate, and are with family. To me, I don’t mind if I have to celebrate MY personal mother’s day on a different day, because we have my mom and my Mother in law to celebrate. Thanksgiving isn’t the DAY, it’s the family time. Christmas is the only one that I have a hard time moving, but we do the 25th with both my family and my husbands, so we do our little family on the 24th…you do what works for you family, so long as you’re together…

  2. I guess that’s what set us apart from other people, other families. Each family is unique. Each family adapt to the surroundings, to what life brings. I find it really sad for Travis to be working on those special days, where you wish he’d be home with you. But I think it’s great you celebrate the 4th of July on another day, so he can participate with your sons. It doesn’t matter whether you do Christmas on the 24th or on the 20th ~ everything falls into place if the whole family is together.
    We create memories, not by the days… but by the moments spent with those we love and it’s great to see how much effort you are making to create those memories for your children.

  3. We often celebrate on different days. Especially Christmas! I don’t know if it bothers me, because I mostly just love being with the people I love. My biggest love language is quality time. So no matter when it is, it fills me up.

  4. I’ve been a reader for a while now and just wanted to say my heart is breaking for you because I can feel all the sadness in these posts about your husband being gone so often. I hope this is a very short season in your life! My husband works a lot as well, and I am also often home with my four kids without having him to lean on. One thing that encourages me is that as a kid, my hubby’s dad was always gone working, and his mom was home with the kids. He has such good memories though of those holidays alone because his mom made a big effort to make it special for them. And as an adult, he has tremendous respect for her because she always stayed so strong and positive. I try to keep that in mind and throw myself into doing fun things with my little ones.

    Glad you enjoyed your Fourth, no matter the date!

  5. you are one brave mom. I love your blog. I pray that the Lord may give you the strength while your husband is working helping others.
    your pics are so cute. and like everyone said its not THE actual date that matters is who you are spending it with that matters :)

  6. From a wife that husband’s work has required him to work the majority of holidays since we have been together… It’s not fun and very depressing; however I have found a wonderful group of friends to hang out on the official holiday and then we celebrate on a different day… We do hold one holiday in special regards and that is New Year’s Day. Our daughter was born sleeping on that day and my husband’s boss always makes sure that he is off so that we can spend that day together. I can’t imagine lugging four active boys around but don’t stay at home all day waiting for him to get home; live your life and have fun! My husband enjoys hearing about all the adventures that I go on while he is at work and we have embraced our weekends as “Monday and Tuesday”. We will keep the whole family in our prayers!

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