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DIY Gak aka Flubber? – they enjoyed it more than playdo

I saw this recipe some where on facebook a week or so ago. I remember loving GAK as a kid… so as soon as I saw this I knew I had to try making it. My boys also recently watched the old FLUBBER movie with Robin Williams. So the idea of FLUBBER to them was so cool.

This recipe was by far one of the easiest DIY kid recipes I have found to date. You really cannot mess it up :)

ED9A6962Here is what you need:

3/4 Cup Cold Water
2 Cups Elmer’s Glue
Food Coloring (I used food gels)
1/2 Cup Hot Water
1 tsp. Borax

*Borax btw is found in the laundry isle at the store. I had this on hand since it is an ingredient in my detergent recipe*


In the 3/4 cup cold water, mix in your two cups of glue. The glue right now at walmart is on sale since school is starting back. To get two cups you basically will use two of the regular size elmer’s glue bottles. I think they were $.25 cents each at our walmart. Which btw we stock up on ;-) – you can never have enough glue around!

Mix the glue/cold water together until blended (will be like a thick soup) and then add in your food coloring. I used food gels so I just squirt in color until I got the “brightness” I wanted. You can really add in as much or as little as you want… or if you have dye issues and would rather not mess with coloring it, you can leave that out. It will just be WHITE flubber ;-)

Set the glue/cold water mixture aside…

ED9A6960In another bowl mix your hot water with your borax, blend it up til borax dissolves.

Once that is disolved pour in the cold glue mixture into the hot water slowly… using a spatular to mix it up. It will start to solidify right away… you then would just keep stirring it…. and then once it is all thick, you get your hands in it, kneading it in the bowl and then draining off the extra water. It is kinda awkward at first but as you squeeze and knead it, it thickens really well and wah-lah, you have GAK, er, Flubber :).

Store in air tight ziplock for lots of fun in the future. Our boys seriously played with this stuff ALL DAY… they loved making “toot” noises with it by shoving it into a small glass cup.

A bit of warning: DO NOT GET IT ON CLOTHES, it sticks, it will wash out, but the best thing to do is have them play with it with short sleeve or no shirts ;-)





… and to those curious, I did DOUBLE this batch so that we could have two colors :)

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