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When my husband and I first got married… some of our very first heated fights came around the time my birthdays rolled around. I always felt very cherished on my bday by my parents… so for me, they were kinda a big deal. So when my birthday came our 1st year of marriage and he didn’t do much at all… lets just say, I was very disappointed. He obviously meant no harm.. he grew up differently and one thing you learn as you are married longer :) – is that his thoughts are def. not my thoughts ;-) – and we should not assume or expect our husband to know what we want, unless we tell them. Sometimes it feels “less romantic” or “less sincere” but my husband needs help in this area and for that reason, I do speak up now and I do give much grace. :)

For my 30th birthday (which was Aug. 6th) my husband did something far from his comfort zone and threw me a sweet surprise party.

I honestly had no clue… none.

My attire and messy hair in these images shows that haha… so well done to my husband who did such a good job… thankful for him… and thankful for the sweet friendships we have here to celebrate with. I hate more people couldnt come. Was fun and great to see everyone.

One of my friends there is a photographer and snagged some fun pictures of the celebration :) – may give you a small peek at the time we had.















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  1. That was super sweet! Differing love languages really makes a difference too. One of my least important love languages is gifts, so I don’t expect much, but quality time is huge for me. So time with my family is the most special gift. I’m guessing that Travis’ love language doesn’t have big birthday celebrations at the top of the list :)

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