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still traveling :)

ED9A4156we are still traveling! i am making do with my iphone/ipad mostly, to keep up with business emails if need be… but today while reed napped and the other boys went with travis/grand-daddy and aunt tracy out and about… i used the free time to play catch up on my mini laptop – which has a sticky shift key! forgive the no caps.

the traveling has been so so…

i will not lie, traveling with a 1 year old is not easy… reed has been extremely hard to deal with in regards to his sleeping and napping. he doesnt understand why he isnt able to nap in his “crib” – its confusing for babies… so we’ve had many restless nights dealing with him.

its worth to see family and friends… but i will be glad in the future when traveling is a little easier… the older 3 have done fabulous. at 3, 6 and 9, they are a lot easier to handle on this trip then ever before.

their favorite thing by far has been riding an electric scooter my dad got them to use at his house, playing with old legos my mom found in her attic (that were mine and my brothers), and then here on the farm driving the golf cart around. it is so cute to see. they literally drove it for hours yesterday and did not stop.

i dont have photoshop on this mini laptop so i wasnt able to “fine tune” my pics like i typically do… but thought it be fun to post a few highlights so far :)

my mom with reed on her front porch :) – so sweet

reed in my parents front yard, his 3 strands of hair cracks me up.


taite on the scooter :)


the boys piled up in my moms craft room. she had 3 beds shoved in there for them :)


driving around the farm


cousin sandy taking care of reed. he loves her!




reed actually napping for once :) – shoved in grand-daddys office


next stop – a visit with our friends in wake forest, the dews! then we head to my friend shannons area and will get to see aliesha there too, and her new baby boy jude.

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  1. Awh….your little guy sounds pretty normal. Taking babies/toddlers out of what they are used too, sometimes not easy. We traveled with ours but I remember the rough patches….but like you said, still worth getting away and visiting family/friends.

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