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Happy 1st Birthday Reed

IMG_9810A year ago today, I was laboring with baby Reed – or wait, right about now I would have been in the pushing stage. I wish I could say that was the fun part, it however for me was not! You can read his birth story here btw ;-) – if you are into reading those.

Reed was a surprise in every way when I took that pregnancy test, weeks before Valentines Day 2012. I actually kept the pregnancy a secret from everyone for 2 weeks, yes even my husband :-\ – it was that much of a shock!

If yall don’t know the history, at the time my husband had no job. I was providing and working full time doing photography… and well, the idea of a pregnancy at that point was not at all convenient or wise IMO. God obviously had other plans :) – and within a few months my husband had a job and the rest is history.

The Lord provided and just months later we were blessed with a beautiful blonde baby boy, who we absolutely adore.

IMG_9873 copyFor Reed’s birthday we didn’t do anything fancy… we were on a 9 day trip traveling through NC visiting, family/friends… and because of that, I just did not have the time to really plan anything… my mom was sweet enough to bake up some cupcakes and a tiny smash cake for Reed, since on our way back through NC, we’d stay our final night of our trip at their house.

Reed enjoyed his birthday with just us and his nana and papa… and before he crashed, we let him enjoy his cake… although he didn’t really like it HAH! My 1st boy ever to turn down sweets! My other 3 tore into their smash cakes… Reed however was timid and didn’t want much to do with it. I think this is because he is funny with “smooth” textures. He refuses yogurt, apple sauce, anything soft or smooth in texture (he is very much like me in that regard). So, he took a few dips of icing with his finger, then gave up and crawled away :)

Regardless it was sweet and I am thankful for his simple celebrations. His favorite part no doubt was when we sang him happy birthday.

A few updates on Reed…


He is not walking but he does stand well. He has begun to take steps holding onto furniture, but I have a feeling he wont walk for at least 2 more months :) – which is fine by me!

Reed also has been showing some signs of wanting to wean off his bottle. My other boys had to be forced to quit that :) – Owen was almost 3! Reed however seems more interested in straw cups full of milk. Which will result in my switching his milk soon. Baby steps of course :)

Reed naps twice a day still. 9-11 and then 1-3 – he sleeps from 6pm-7:30 or so – which to me is crazy, a lot of sleep no doubt hah.

Here are a few photos I got from his day at my parents. Mostly photos of him in their yard :) – and a few cake smash pics.


















and… for fun, I had to share these photos too. Owen wore the same shirt Reed has on above on his 1st birthday. Its a shirt I got for Owen – my other boys did not have this shirt, so I can only compare Owen to Reed :) – always fun to do. They look like brothers but are complete opposites too.




and as I said above, my other boys did not turn down cake ;-) – especially Owen!


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