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Vacation Day 3?

I think the breakdown of these vacation trip post isnt accurate, but none the less Im breaking them up by days ;-)
On this particular day we went to a nearby park to visit with our old time friends The Dews. We have known the Dew’s for our entire marriage and prior to that Travis went to school with Jamie. They were best friends for countless years.

Tara has 2 sets of twins. If you follow my blog you’ve heard me mention her before :) She use to blog but now is a private blogger… so not sure if I can share her blog address here, she can comment otherwise ;-) – Tara’s twins are Taite’s age (so 6) and Owen’s age (3). Both boy/girl sets.

We love being able to catch up on our trips back to NC! We do miss them greatly.










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  1. I like the picture with all the kids together. Brings back such happy memories for me when our boys were little and hanging w/friends and all their kids. We use to go out every Sunday night after church and the kids just loved it. Now our kids are grown and some of them are still friends =) No matter the time or space that comes between them.

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