Enjoying it, your way.

Alright readers. Im going to write a post, that hopefully will not offend past clients of mine as well as photographers. Or anyone for that matter. Not at all my intention of what I am about to write about. So keep that in mind :)

SO here is the deal.

Im a photographer.

Yes. Most know this…

I am a professional. So I consider myself :) – and years ago I did as well… but if I’m truly honest, I can now see that I WAS NOT then :) – just thought I was. Its just part of the growing process in this field I suppose. Thinking you are hot stuff when in reality you probably are far from it. I was far from it once. I still feel that way many days… and I do have so much more to learn in the field of photography.

One thing however that I am realizing, is my ability NOW to see and do what I want, the way I want…

berryWhen I started my business, one area I dug into was photographing newborns. Yet I remember… shoot… after shoot… after shoot, truly disliking the entire process that was involved with that sort of session. It felt so forced… and awkward.

People wanted props…. costumes… weird positioning of the baby… you know, yoga poses? Im sure you all have seen those. Their everywhere. People wanted babies balancing on beer bottles and other non-baby friendly objects… I think the only NON baby type object I honestly like are some baskets/bowls… but that be about it.

I remember feeling the pressure that I NEEDED to do those things and use those things, because that is what “other” photographers were doing.

Why did I feel the need to do what others did?

We all know that the original is always better than the copy.

Yet session after session I strived to do something and be someone in my photography, that I clearly was not.

It resulted in a “Newborn Fast”…. For almost a solid 2 years I steered clear any time someone asked me to do a newborn session. I wanted nothing to do with them….As cute and cuddly as those newborn babes were, the idea of doing those forced shots, hammered my creativity.

Until recently…

I have had SO many request the last year 1/2 to do newborn portraits. SO much so that I knew saying no would ultimately hurt my business… so many awesome new families contacting me to photograph their precious babes…. and yet part of me didn’t want too… because of that dread I had in the past with the “pressure” to be a “type” of photographer I wasn’t.

I shot a newborn yesterday… one of the most adorable and well mannered lil dudes Ive shot in some time… and he brought me a new hope into the world of newborn photography. While I have had a few other sessions prior to his that sparked this as well… his has won me over. Finally :)



I truly enjoyed my time with this family and photographing this baby… and while at times I felt that creative mental block hit me… I put into my mind, to just be me and do what I felt was naturally suitable for the situation I was in.

I love shooting in a families home… capturing moments on their sofa… in the nursery… nothing fancy… no big props… no weird yoga poses… just them and their precious baby…

ED9A3725The point of this all being said.

To encourage those who are new to this business….

To be you.

Stop trying to be a photographer you aren’t…

Seek your own creativity.

One of the things I have found completely suicides my sessions, is when I browse other photographers work and attempt to “recreate it” – don’t do that. It honestly never works for me. EVER.

Be who you are. Don’t hide your personality… don’t hide your life from your clients either. I love being able to tell my clients I am a mother of 4 amazing boys… and that my husband is a Cop/Pastor :) – and so on. I love being genuine with them and hopefully helping them feel comfortable around me… which in the end makes for a better session and better relationship with the client.

Hopefully this made some sense. Forgive me for the lack of blogging. Life is kicking my tail these days.

*And to my friend Rebecca, who may read my blog still ;-) – I love love love Kenna’s newborn pics, even if we did shove her into a strawberry and let her cry LOL!!!*
*To those who don’t know TOUCHED PHOTOGRAPHY *the photo at the beginning* was my old PHOTO NAME I used. A client told me one time that it made them think of the song “I TOUCH MYSELF.” Weeks later, I rebranded and changed my entire name and business site. So learn from me.. Just use your name ;-) SO much easier.



You btw can see some more photos from this baby’s session on my photo blog :) HERE

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  1. I love all of your “lessons” in this post. I have always thought it awkward to see babies in such unusual settings and positions. These photos are absolutely beautiful, capturing those special moments at Christmas, as well as everyday life with newborn, such as feeding and changing diapers. How wonderful to capture life with an aging dog (I would guess from the gray hair on his snout) and the new baby…cycle of life! The simple photos with the striped hat and Santa blanket and shoes are precious, and I love the new family with the tree in the background. Every one of them are perfect! So thankful for families that you have discovered your personal style and are sticking with it…after all we have a new grandson coming in May!! Hopefully others will listen to you and follow your lead with these photos!

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