Just shimmy him on

Its all about the shimmy :)

I cannot even begin to count the times moms ask me “how do you get him on your back!?” while I stroll through the store with my 4 dudes. It is so easy! takes seconds. I will say, it takes practice! You also have to start it when your babes are young if you want them to “be use to it” by age 1. Reed is so use to being worn on my back that he knows what to do with his arms and everything. He is one worn lil dude ;-) – and worn in a good way.

Love baby wearing with the Boba. I not only LOVE them because I get to do their photography ;-) – but they truly are an awesome company who’s carriers I love and use daily‚Ķ. and have FOR YEARS.

Here’s the video. Sorry it isn’t the best quality. Just snagged it tonight with my iPhone on our way to Lowes.

4 Comments on “Just shimmy him on

  1. I just got a Boba air last week & I love it! I’ve used it so many times already & look forward to when she’s big enough to put on my back. We’re going to Disney on Friday & I plan on wearing her most of the day. Love how comfortable it is. :)

  2. That is SO much easier than the way I saw it shown!!! No wonder I can never get my guy in there very comfortably. The vid I watched (I think it was on boba’s site too!) showed putting one shoulder strap on first, too. I’ll have to try this method.

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