Merry Christmas – now :)

I have a funny feeling that time is about to get away with me. Again :)
So since I had a moment between the crazies :) – wanted to wish everyone a Very MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Can’t say this has been the easiest Christmas season for us… I can however say we have been so richly blessed… and we are so thankful.

This year didn’t yield Christmas photo cards for us… we’ve done this every year since we married! (11 years), I think that speaks for itself on the busy-ness of our year. Oh wait, we maybe didn’t put one out last year either :-\ – I honestly have no memory of last Christmas… NONE. That can bring to the surface how incredibly hard that Christmas was, with Travis’ gone and my dealing with a newborn.

Seasons come, seasons go. Thankful I will at least have a functioning brain this Christmas ;-D

Love y’all!! To hold everyone over til next year, when we hopefully have a proper Christmas card, heres a photo booth photo taken at a Christmas Party we hosted at our home.

Not the best photo ;-) – but it sums up a lot haha…

My boys love animals. Thats obvious from this ;-) – 10 points to anyone who can name all the animals present.
We have lots of lil boys…
We love our school room chalk board.
and my hair is finally passing the mullet stage! Sweet!! :)
Oh and our school room Christmas tree ornaments make me smile ;-) – see Taite the Angel?


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  1. Merry Christmas back at you and your family. I enjoy reading your blog. I love that YOU are holding the cat =) And I know your oldest has a bearded dragon and I forget the kind of snake, maybe a garter?

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