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Thanksgiving 2013

ED9A8086Im kinda behind on posting these photos :)

We celebrated thanksgiving this year on wednesday instead of thur. Travis had off tues/wed so we had no choice :) – it worked out. With his crazy job schedule and its often 3 week changes in days off, you do what you got to do.

Our thanksgiving was SO COLD. It actually snowed some! For georgia that is so rare this time a year. I think it got down into the 20’s that night… brrr!

We enjoyed a sweet morning where Travis cooked up breakfast. Southern style. Bacon, sausage, eggs, biscuits. That sorta thing. Whats crazy though is I am not a breakfast person… at least not that type of food. I would much rather have some french toast or a bowl of honey almond cereal ;-) – not really a sausage and egg kinda person… but the boys love it, so thats what we did. I had a biscuit ;-) _ and moved on.

After breakfast we trekked on over to a local tree lot and grabbed a christmas tree. It was SO incredibly cold out though that I was unable to stay out long with Reed to help choose… so Travis did the picking and he came home with a gigantic 8 foot tree! Its huge but beautiful. If I had my choice though I would have chosen a 5 foot one or invest in an artificial one… but having a “real” tree for him is a tradition he loves… so we will continue to do so until something prevents us from doing so.



We decorated the tree. Enjoyed a 2pm meal with turkey, ham, mash potatoes, green beans, stuffing and of course some gravy. I purchased Travis a made pecan pie… JUST for him – I HATE PIES! gag … (yes I’m so weird), so instead of wasting time and money I went the easy route and bought his already made ;-) – and for the rest of us I made up home made donuts.









We finished our evening just spending time together and staying warm. SOME of us even got a nap in (not me!)













Hope everyone had a safe and sweet thanksgiving!

*I have since added a bow to the top of our tree (the star wouldn’t fit), also my mom brought her quilted tree skirt! so thats new and also added some candy canes and few other small touches to the tree. Will post an updated photo soon enough ;-) *

4 Comments on “Thanksgiving 2013

  1. I know the cold is not normal for you in Georgia but it made me smile when you were saying how cold at 20 degrees. We don’t start talking cold until single digits ;) Its a good excuse for cuddling and hot chocolate =)

    1. @susan, haha oh yes 20 isn’t THAT cold ;-) – we lived inNorthern Ohio for 2 years and I remember when Taite was a week old going to walmart and it was -7F, that was cold! :-)

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