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A much needed update

Its a miracle.

It snowed today in Atlanta :)

Well not really a miracle and honestly a bit of a let down. We were suppose to get like 2 inches of snow and we got a dusting. None the less my boys were so excited to see flakes floating in the air :) and played in them for a good while. I was busy with Reed so I sadly did not get photos of their giggles, but it was cute to see.

… but no the miracle is that both my younger dudes are down for naps… Owen who will be 4 in March has been protesting naps for months… some days he gets them but most days he does not. Today he is… for that I am thankful :) – my older two are sitting alone in the school room (within hearing distance of where I sit), doing home work and afterwards they have a list of chores to complete. So while they work, I thought I would write a quick family update.

I have been a bit vague in my writings lately… and honestly neglectful of my blog… which is fine. Seasons come and go and there is a season for a slow blog. It go so slow this time I debated stopping my blog… but I get such encouragement to continue from people around the globe (so awesome!) that I stick with it for them but also for myself… its good therapy :)

Many of you may have caught snippets here and there of my mentioning us having to move again.

Lets count these moves up.

IMG_9218copyMove #1 – Got Married… Moved into Seminary housing while my husband finished his Masters. My husband also served part time as a Youth Pastor during this time period at his home church. (2003)

Move #2 – 8 1/2 months pregnant we moved from Seminary housing, to a little country house near Travis’ dad. We had to move because he had graduated and we could no longer continue to live in the apartment we were in, unless he continued in school there. The timing of this wasn’t great, I hated moving that pregnant. (2004)

Move #3 – My husband got a job in NE Ohio, a town called Bellevue, OHIO. His 1st full time Youth Pastor job. We at this time had our 1st born Caleb who was 4 months old when we moved. (2005)

Move #4 – While in Ohio we lived in a tiny apartment, two bedroom. We didn’t care for it because it was so small… and began looking for something a little larger. We found a rental in the same town and decided to move there… the timing was good too because shortly after that move I got pregnant with Taite. (2006)

Move #5 – We left Ohio after 2 years serving… and moved in with my parents in NC. We had no job at that point, so we had no other option but to live with family. This move happened when Taite our 2nd born was 2 months old. (2007)

Move #6
– Travis got hired as the full time Pastor at a church in Northeast North Carolina. So we moved into a parsonage they provided.(2007)

Move #7 – My husband was asked to resign from his job at this church… for those who do not know the history… you can his RESIGNATION letter HERE. A post on God’s perfect Plan for us, regardless of the hardships. What City of Refuge was to us… and I think that should kinda catch you up ;-) – with that resignation we moved into a home provided by a church near Atlanta, GA… by far one of the most beautiful homes we’ve ever lived in. We were so blessed. (2011)

Move #8 – We graduated the City of Refuge program… which meant we had to move from our COR home. So we packed things up… and purchased our very first house! You can read about THAT purchase here and how God’s hand was in it without a doubt! (2013) We know that when the time comes for us to move again, this house will sell like hot cakes! It seriously is an amazing home that God truly blessed us with.

So in 10 years we have moved 8 times, although I thought it was 9, so my math was off there ;-) – and we’ve had 4 babies, 3 ministry positions and now my husband is serving as a Cop. Its been a lot of change to put it lightly.

When my husband got the job as a cop, it was something he felt he was suppose to do.. and at the time, he wasn’t sure if it was long term or short term. He just knew he needed to provide for his family during this time… and going back into full time ministry was not going to happen. When you get fired from a church, you don’t bounce right back. At least we didn’t… getting a secular aka normal type job was what we needed to do for this season.

Now that he is a cop…. and we are out of the city of refuge program… we are realizing, both of us, that this is not what God has called us to do. My husband was called to Preach. He has a gift in it. Back before he even married me he pre-enlisted in the Marines to RUN from that call… because he did not want to Pastor. It is not an “easy” calling… He has a great gift in teaching and I know God has plans for him in ministry and our family.

Right now my husband is looking for a full time position in a church. More than likely as a Pastor again… but it may not be a Senior Pastor. We just don’t know. His resume is out… and now we are just waiting for God’s timing on this.

We know something will happen… we just don’t know when.

It could be in 3 months, it could be in 6. Who knows, it may be a year. We are trying to be content as we wait…

… but I won’t lie, Ive already begun to purge things we do not need… organize… and prepare my mind for a possible move.

The thought of a move excites me but also saddens me.

Ive made great friends since moving here… my photography business is booming! I love the area… its the perfect blend of city life and country life. I love our church. I love the community around us…. but I know this isn’t long term…

SO move #9 is upon us.

One thing I am praying for in the mean time is for a place to go that will last a while. While we seem to have gotten good at moving… I do desire to settle some… and to find a home we can raise our boys and give them the comfort of a place that last more than a few years. While I realize this is not our final home… I don’t think its wrong to desire “a home” in the midst of life here on earth.

Hopefully all this made sense :)

I am off to tackle our laundry now… before Reed wakes. Our kitchen table has turned into laundry central. I posted this photo on instagram earlier today showing it. Follow me @dreawood ;-)


Im glad we have a full bar area in our kitchen area to use to eat at in the mean time… our kitchen table has been like this for a solid week HAH!! It’ll get done today though. Last two loads are drying/washing now.

Blessings! stay warm :)

6 Comments on “A much needed update

  1. I took a long break form blogging too, am slowly easing back into a new blogging routine. Sometime it feels good to just live life without having it all written down online :-)

    Looking at your table full of laundry reminds me that I should put our away

    Have a great day Drea!

  2. Your life has certainly been a roller coaster. Praying for God’s leading. And of course, I have to mention again that we are looking for another pastor ;).

  3. Phew! Another move! I’ve moved several times within the same city and that was tough. So I will be praying that God leads Travis to the right church and the right town. I know so many missionary families that have moved around quite a bit, and the one thing I’ve learned is that when the parents invest so much quality time with their kids, and guide their spiritual life, the kids grow up better than just fine!

  4. Hey Drea…..I love your attitude on this post considering that another move is not all that fun. I do see the excitement but fun,nay. I hope/pray that the right job, the right location that will keep you put for a few years will happen. But in the mean time, keep up the positive, that’s what gets you through!!!

  5. Hi Drea,

    This was a good time for me to stop by and catch up. I’ve practically abandoned my blog, but I might start it back up this year. But I don’t know… I’ll have to change the way I blog. I spent too much time writing my posts. I admire how you have always been able to articulate yourself clearly and type as fast as you think. It is a skill that you have improved over the years too.
    I totally understand the struggle with homeschooling. One of my homeschooling friends in Ohio called it the winter homeschooling blues. And I was so burned out after my move too. Then I heard a podcast from Sonlight called “When your homeschool dream turns into a nightmare”. Oh I wish I had read it BEFORE I got burned out. If you can’t find it, I’ll send you a copy. Make sure you talk with other homeschooling moms about where you struggle. Sometimes they can help you simplify things. A friend reached out to me recently. I’m so glad she did too. I wouldn’t have known how much she had been struggling and she was able to make some changes that have really helped her a lot. All it took was one call where she said, “Can I call you later tonight to talk about my homeschool?” So don’t be afraid to reach out.
    Sorry I have been neglectful in staying in touch, but I want to know you are a dear friend and I’m glad to see your family growing.
    Take care,

  6. i just chanced upon your blog and had to comment: i love moving. we moved thrice during the last four years. and i want to move this year, *just because* i’m bored already. but hubby said no. :) i love your blog. found it while i was reading

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