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DIY Chore Chart

With the new year comes a desire to really nail down on our boys a bit harder when it comes to their chore routine. We’ve always been the type to implement chores onto our boys… but its hard to keep up with it and manage them without a system. When children (esp boys) are young, its a constant “reminder” routine going on… day…after day… after day. I often times feel like we do no good at all telling our boys to do something, because seconds later they forget what they were doing. Maybe this is a DUDE thing… because I see this in my husband too. HAH…

very simple DIY chore chart for young kids. Inexpensive too!So something visual and simple for the boys to read and use was an idea I was willing to try.

I found this idea on Pinterest – looked inexpensive and doable… so I had at it.
I think the total cost does end up costing around $15.00 though, just as an FYI. I will try to jot down the cost below for what you need to make these.

Tools needed:

– Dollar Tree Small Baking Sheets – $4.00 (for all 4)
– Ribbon (you may have this on hand, if not the Dollar tree has it)
– Scrapbook Paper – $.29 cent – $5.00 *depending on what you buy*
(I had none… so I purchased a fun book of it with like 100 pages for $5.00 – I think at Michael’s you can purchase the sheets for .29 cents each, so that would be a great and cheaper alternative than what I chose… I liked the paper though and thought it be handy to have on hand for crafts throughout the year.)
– Round Plain Magnets – 50 Pack – $4.95 – from Walmart in craft section (Dollar Tree had none)
– Adhesive Glue – $2.00 Walmart Craft Section
– Sharpies – Dollar Tree had a fun multi pack full of lots of colors – $1.00
– A drill (which we had – to create holes in baking sheets)
– Ruler (which we had)
– Laminator (which we had)
– Card Stock and a Printer (which we had)
– Command Strips (if you don’t want to use nails to hang these.)


I created little labels using Microsoft Word on our school computer. With a list of chores for the boys. I printed them on card stock and then laminated them. I then just cut them out (they are pretty small, id say 1/2 inch – 1 inch in size.

I then took the adhesive glue and glued the labels onto the magnets I bought. They took like 5-10 minutes to dry, while they dried I did the rest of the project.

I had my husband drill holes into the baking sheet (two holes at the top for the ribbon to hang)

Very simple DIY chore chart for young kids. Inexpensive tooery simple DIY chore chart for young kids. Inexpensive too

I then took the scrap book paper and wrote the boys names on it, as well as the “to do” and “done” portion on the paper. You just use a ruler to section this off evenly. I used a sharpie to write the names on with. I then Laminated them. The laminator sheets I had were 8×11 though and the paper I used was like 8×15 – so I just laminated it twice, flipping the paper, so it cover the entire sheet used. Hope that makes sense :) Then I just punched 2 holes into that paper and used the adhesive glue to place the paper onto the baking sheet. Allowed to dry.

Hang them with the ribbon tied into a bow… and you are done!

So far it works well :)

Also for those curious on chores we have on the board here is a list.

– Take out Trash (from inside of house to garbage can by garage)
– Clean Bedroom
– Pick up Dirty Clothes
– Put away Clothes
– Take Clothes out of Dryer
– Do Laundry
– Bring down Dirty Clothes
– Clean Reed’s Room
– Pick up Livingroom
– Pick up Playroom
– Clean up Schoolroom
– Change Toby’s Litter (our cat)
– Feed Toby
– Feed Bella (our bird)
– Clean Bella’s Cage
– Sweep
– Swiffer
– Get Mail
– Clean out Bathroom Sink
– Clean Toilets
– Empty Trashcan’s upstairs
– Pick up Toys
– Make Bed
– Put away Dishes
– Wash Dishes
– Take out Recycling
– Put Trashcan’s at Road (for trash day – which is Friday)

and I think that is it :)

The older two do most of all of those … Owen who is still 3 pretty much just does the following:
(Owen’s labels btw have PHOTO images to help him know what to do, since he doesn’t read yet.)

Very simple DIY chore chart for young kids. Inexpensive too– Pick up Room
– Pick up Toys
– Make Bed
– Put Clothes Away
– Pick up Dirty Clothes (this is for when they leave clothing out on the stairs, etc..)

They do not do these EVERY DAY… some they do, bed room, picking up toys, that kinda thing… others like clean toilets may just be once a week, change the litter box, once a week (we have an amazing litter box that self cleans, so you just have to empty the “poo drawer” it has on it, so nice and easy – love it!).

It is defiantly something we are realizing takes lots of reinforcing… trying hard to set some strict rules to keep these task completed and to get to the point where we don’t have to harper the kids to do them…

Our boys do get allowance every week… which is half their age.

SO Caleb gets $4.00 a week, etc..etc…

We have taught the boys how to split what they are given into 3 jars. Giving, savings and spending. This way they boys learn the importance of saving money, giving their tithe or to others and then having a lil play money as well.

All this being said. I will not lie in being honest that the last few weeks, months really have been hard for us. We feel as if we are battling a constant never ending war with our children… and part of us feels very defeated and overwhelmed when it comes to what we have to do each day with them… We have no breaks and it is hard.

I have debated public school A LOT the last few weeks.
With a more than likely upcoming move this spring/summer… I’m not sure that is the best move right now… although if I knew we’d be here til the winter, I may put them in public school… cause both Travis and I are worn out. His job is so demanding and my working as well is putting a strain on our family. It is something I know if it were long term, we would not continue to home school, because neither of us can keep up with it.

Home schooling is very rewarding… but when seasons come that require you to pour elsewhere, committing to schooling your children is very difficult to put it lightly.

I know what will help though is structure… and this chore chart is just one step I’m taking to help with that…

Any who! hope this encourages and makes sense. Forgive the lack of blogging. Its not high on my priority list right now… but had a few moments to do it today :) – Oh and since we are showing stuff on our walls, had to share this new canvas’ and cute piece of art my friend Coleen gave me. I love both!

ery simple DIY chore chart for young kids. Inexpensive too

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  1. These chore charts are so cute!!

    I hope the impending move is a happy one – I thought you just moved into your beautiful home! So long as your family is happy – that is all that matters!

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