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  1. Hey Drea….so, can I ask a totally random question that has nothing to do with this post? :) (which btw…is awesome – love watching/seeing siblings enjoy time together!)

    I just obtained some water kefir grains today from someone else in town that makes them….and I never knew it! :) So, I’m pretty excited. Ok…they are doing their 1st ferment now…I’m wondering – how long do you do your 1st ferment and 2nd ferment (with fruit/juice) for? And do you find that it smells like ‘wine’ kind of when you’re done with the 2nd ferment? She gave me some of hers to taste and it smelled really wine-ish…not sure if that’s normal?

    Also – do you just buy fruit juice at the store and add that in, or do you use fresh pressed juice or fruit that you have sitting around at home?

    And what do you think about drinking it when pregnant? I’ve read varying opinions…and now that I have some and want to make some water kefir with it I figure I should get some more opinions! haha. Would you drink it if you were preg?

  2. So cute…..and it will stay with them. My boys continue to share a friendship that is unique and theirs as they have ran into adulthood (I wish they would walk but it goes all too fast). As a mom I love to watch it.

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