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Snowed in Atlanta

ED9A9449Well incase you missed it. We got snow in Atlanta. Rare from what we here. This is only our 2nd winter in Atlanta. Last winter was unusually warm. This winter, its honestly bipolar type weather. One second its warm, the next 5 degrees. It can be fun but also a pain. One minute your kids are outside playing with no jackets, the next they can’t even go outside because its to cold. I suppose if anything, it keeps you on your toes.

Im sure if you live in the united states you’ve heard about the nightmare that happened in Atlanta. Over 1,200 accidents… people stuck in their cars for 12-20 hours… moms with newborns unable to get home, sleeping in their car… shelters being over flowed and having to actually turn people away… pregnant women going without food or water for 16 plus hours… you name it, it happened here this week. Even a baby was born on the side of 285 in Atlanta because the traffic would not move and mom could not wait. Thankfully baby is fine. My husband worked 3 straight shifts on the roads helping people… only way he was even able to make it through was because his squad car had chains on the tires. It was an insane icey mess. What northerners laugh at, crippled the entire city of Atlanta and surrounding areas. Was like something you’d see in movies.

ANY HOW. I thankfully was at home… my friend Lindsey got stranded and stayed with me a night. Thankful I was close enough to her that she was able to walk here (having to leave her car on the side of a road a mile from my home). We stayed bundled up… while my boys enjoyed the snow :)

Here are a few photos…



I shot most of these photos from two stories up :) – keeping Reed and myself warm.




our cat Toby even got out in the snow :)



The next day after the snow, Lindsey, myself, Reed, Taite and Owen went to check out the roads.





See all the cars in the ditch?


It by this point had begun to melt btw.


Here is a photo of Atlanta to give people a perspective of how bad it was…

They compared it to the scene in the show walking dead (which is also filmed in atlanta…)

Sure was a mess…


While on the front entrance of our neighborhood a few people actually stopped to ask if we needed rides.
The baby on my back caught their eye. One lady in particular said she was stuck in her car 16 hours, finally making her way back.
Despite being in her car that long she still stopped to see if we were ok. I thought that was pretty awesome of her.


Reed began to zonk on the way back home :) – had to fight to keep him awake.


& after 24+ hours, my husband FINALLY made it home. Enjoying 1 day of snow with the boys.

Travis #babywearing the #bobacarrier in the #atlantasnow today :) - he made it home after 3 shifts at work on the road helping people. Phew!!

Hope everyone was able to stay safe… the snow is almost all gone now. Crazy how just a few inches can do so much damage and be gone in just a few days.

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  1. Phew! I cannot imagine the craziness! I have a cousin who has just moved to Wisconsin and seeing the snow all around via skype has me shivering in my tropical home. Im so glad Travis got back home safe and that he was able to help so many! What a blessing!

  2. Thanks for sharing the pics Drea…Atlanta has a beautiful downtown. Mother nature can really be a beast!!!! So glad to hear that many made it out ok, just very long and tedious. Your house and subdivision is beautiful as well. Love the picture of the cardinal!!! I love the seasons here in Michigan and I love winter. No, I don’t like ice but who does. But I love snow and lots of it. We are having our fair share this season too. I work 911 and we get no snow days, boo. But even today I had fun slipping/sliding in the snow on my way to work =)

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