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Photoshopping Faces

This week has been so heavy for us… I had to blog something fun. Well fun to me :)
The morning we took these photos *below), things were “okay” – Reed was the only one with stomach issues at this point… no one else had been sick, so we were for sure we were in the clear. Esp since it had been 2 days since Reed threw up.


That night Taite threw up.

The next morning Owen.

The next night Travis.

Then Caleb…

… and in between all this Reed has had MAJOR diaper issues :( – not cool..

I have some how avoided this bug so far…

Ive been drinking TONS of water kefir…

Lathering myself in Essential oils…

Taking supplements from Native American Nutritional’s. Which is where I get my oils. More to come on that later btw… hope to have some discounts for everyone! They have been the most amazing company. Thankful I found them.

and washing my hands NON STOP…. SO much so my hands are actually cracked and bleeding in spots…

Still, I am thankful we were able to snag some family photos prior to the chaos of it all… and these will be photos I cherish.

First I will post the photoshop fun ;-) – and then below those ill post a few more photos from the session.

These photos btw we took at like 9:30am before the snow began to rapidly melt. I asked my neighbor to be my living tripod. I pre-set the cam and she did great. SO thankful she was willing ;-) – the boys did well too… although like any family with lots of little ones… snagging the perfect family portrait is not always something you can capture without a little help… Sometimes you can get it without doing this, however in this particular case, photoshop came in handy :)

Here is the original photo:

Take Notice of all my kids faces :)


Here is my 2nd edit:

ED9A9468 copy

As I looked at the 2nd edit, I realized Owen looked a bit strange.
The original photo he was straining his neck… so it looked kinda skinny…
I had photoshopped his head off of a “single shot” of him that will be posted below…

I decided to photoshop his head/neck and hair off of another shot and it worked better.

So here is my final edit:

To the untrained eye, you wouldn’t be able to tell. At least I don’t think ;-)

ED9A9468 copy22

Not to shappy huh? Oh how fun it is to own photoshop. Btw, if you don’t want to fork out a lot for photoshop CS, the more professional version. DONT. I edited every one of these in Photoshop Elements 9.0 – way more affordable. In fact you can find old versions of photoshop elements super cheap on ebay. I highly recommend it.

WHY admit this?

BECAUSE. :) ITS REALITY. I tell many of my clients, the perfect family portrait doesnt always come naturally hah!!! the best ones honestly are the in-between moments you don’t meant to even capture. I don’t want moms out there to think I have these perfect kids who smile perfectly in every photo to feel discouraged about their own kids. This is my evidence perfection isn’t always the case ;-) – but I am thankful for resources to make changes if I feel the need for it, hehe. My boys though, over all, despite missing the “shot” – did great this particular morning. They don’t fight me much when I request their cuteness for a portrait. They know it makes for a happier mommy in the end if they do well and obey.

Now onto the rest of the family shots I snagged.

Thank you Victoria btw for taking the above shot! I truly am happy with it, even if my kids faces didnt all work at once ;-D

The shot btw with all the boys lined up didn’t have any photoshopping done. :)







& for curiosity sake, these photos were taken about 25 feet in our backyard, by the bushes near the trampoline :)

The view from my kitchen window today. Ooooo so pretty. The snow hides all the kids toys in the yard!

Outfits btw. Not perfect… but work. I have really begun to examine our clothing situation. We are blessed y’all. I mean seriously, we have more clothes than we know what to do with! People have given us so many boy clothing items its probably a sin if you think about it. We have so much and others have so little. This week we got rid of a TON. I still have the bags of clothes btw, if anyone local wants to go through them. Mostly boys 3/4/5T and 6/7. A few 6-12mo. stuff will be in the bags too. Less is more IMO… and buying new rarely happens now. Im huge on thrifting. Reed’s shoes cost me $1.25. Caleb’s shirt was $2.95. Taites was given to us by someone years ago, for Caleb. Owen’s was from my mom as a gift. Reed’s, no idea where it came from but we did not buy it. His scarf, my mom made. My entire out fit was so cheap. My tops were under $1.00 each, including the belt. My jeans were from TJMaxx, I think I paid $6.50? Off season of course. My leggings were $5.00, from years back, my boots were $19.00 from a few years ago too (To pay that much for shoes is a splurge for me. I loved them to much not to buy them, they seriously are my fav shoes. I wear them almost every day, so comfortable! From RUE 21). Travis’ stuff to was very inexpensive and was something we had already. His sports coat we paid $2.00 for at a thrift shop in NC years ago.

My point. THRIFT :) – reuse. Make what you have work. Doesn’t take a fortune to make something look good and go. I put all of this together in under 10 minutes that morning. I love how it turned out!

5 Comments on “Photoshopping Faces

  1. I am so proud of you for this special photography talent you have and always willing to share your knowledge. The clothing you picked was perfect. I think the stripes theme looks fantastic and as you know I share your love for thrifting??Blessings!!

  2. It’s a great picture… never would have even looked for the Photoshop:)

    And we love thrifted stuff, too!

    Praying you all are on the mend now!

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