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Please don’t break

The other day while at a pet store… baby Reed was walking around being oh so cute… using and showing his very proud new walk off to all the on looking staff at the store. Most young girls in their late teens/early 20’s. As Reed walked back and forth he at one point stumbled and fell to his knees. Catching himself with his hands. As soon as he fell seriously all 3 of the women watching him gasped. Was like a chorus of singers hah. I on the other hand just looked at him as if nothing had happened.


It honestly is an acquired calmness.

I use to gasp.

I still do “some.”

More often than not I cringe just a little bit inside. Especially if it really is a moment where a gasp probably was called for.

ED9A9828After 4 boys… countless ER visits… many moments where I wipe, squeeze, bandage and soothe boo boos, cuts, splinters, scrapes, bruises, sores, bites, knots, gashes… yea… you get the idea. After LOTS of those moments, you have 2 options. 1) Stress out and loose your mind worrying about your children’s ability to constantly injure themselves… or 2) Pray God’s royal protection over them and gasp internally a wee bit inbetween. :-D

Our Trampoline we’ve had for about 4 years now is falling a part a bit. Our boys seriously have jumped on it every day as long as weather allows it since we got the thing. It is so well used, its paid for itself 10x. The net it had was falling apart though :-\ – ripped in areas, the bars were bending in spots… and it just was a mess. SOOOOOO My husband took it down. I cringed at the thought of them jumping without that net… but then I remember how often my brother and I jumped on a trampoline just like it, with no net… and never once did we get hurt. At least not to badly. If I had to choose though, I would choose a netted trampoline… and it may stress me out so bad that we purchase a replacement net :) – for now, we have no extra cash… and this will have to do.

So far, no injuries. Praying none come.


The boys have told us they prefer it without the net :) – of course.

Reed for the 1st time actually enjoyed some time on it too. He I can tell is going to be one brave little dude.




& yes, as I have explained on facebook & instagram… we do jump in our pajamas. In fact if you look closely…

Caleb’s socks don’t match.

Reed is wearing Owen’s sweat shirt (2 sizes to big)

Taite is wearing MY polkadot socks.

Owen is in footie jams…

Oh yes. Life with 4.

Life home schooling.

Life with laundry behind schedule (understatement).

Life working and being a mom.

Life relaxed.

I honestly don’t give a rip that my kids aren’t dressed to impressed most days ;-) – im just thankful as long as they are fairly clean and don’t smell. :-D

2 Comments on “Please don’t break

  1. This made me smile Drea. If you ask my adult boys today what one of their favorite toys were over the years, hands down trampoline. We went through 2 and they would have taken a 3rd if it was up to them. And I took so much flack about safety. We had plenty of emergency room visits involving bikes, skateboarding, playground equipment, hockey, football, baseball but NONE for the trampoline. I know we were fortunate but they played solid on it. I see yours are having the same fun.

  2. We only had minor injuries on our trampoline as kids as well. Ours had a mat covering the springs, which was really nice. If you are worried about getting pinched in the springs, I’ve seen people cut pool noodles to size, make a slit down the side, and cover the springs with them.

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