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All I have done the last 2 days in my free time is work on websites and catch up on e-mails (So behind!)

From editing this blog.

To editing my photography site (its under a total Reconstruction), to the photo blog.
Its been determined I should show more photos like this on my photo site ;-) – I have been told this is called Chimping ? Had to laugh at that.


Chimping or not, I am polishing my business a bit… I have been a bit burned out with my photography lately and have to reorganize and set my prices a bit more firmly. When you do this for many years you realize the value in your time and work you put into your business. It is definitely a learning experience and something I am far from perfected in yet… but im trying.

Ive also been helping a friend start up a fitness site…

… and now, editing a website for Caleb. Oh yes, Caleb. He is 9 yall. Will share more on this later and why I am cool with it.

Lets just say, between all that and NORMAL stuff… home school, house keeping, laundry (the pile in my kitchen is ridiculous). It has been very busy. Forgive any lack of blogging ;-) – I am trying to keep up with that too and get this blog off the ground a bit. Oh and have you heard? Atlanta is suppose to get hammered again with snow. What is up?! I am hoping that is just a bad weather report and we will enjoy 70 degree weather again next week.

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