How I got Clear Skin – using OIL

The Oil Cleansing method explained. Why it works.

My face has always been an area of constant strife. Or at least it use to be. For many many years I battled breakouts. What is so strange about my break outs is the fact I really didnt struggle with them often during my teens. It wasn’t until I got married and on my own that this became an issue. With each of my pregnancies the facial problems I had worsened. I lost hope of ever having clear skin… and found it impossible to attain, no matter how clean I ate, how natural I was… no natural facial cleaner did it for me… With my 3rd pregnancy I battled cystic acne. If you are not familiar with this personally, be thankful. It is painful and impossible to hide. It got so bad I didn’t leave the house for almost a month during that pregnancy… skipping church even… because I did not want to be seen with my skin so bad (vain I know). I never wanted to go out of the house without make up… and would quickly apply some any time someone randomly rang our door.

It was consuming.

I am so thankful that during Owen’s pregnancy a friend of mine recommended I try the Oil Cleansing Method. When I initially read the post she sent me about it, I was skeptical. Oil to clean my face? Wasn’t oil bad for it? Didn’t oil cause the break outs? How was that suppose to help? There is no way, it only make it worse! I went a while before trying and finally one day just gave in and started doing it.

Society and all the beauty companies make us believe we need OIL free, antibacterial, grease cutting washes to keep our skin clear. They push acne meds with chemicals in them that do dry out blemishes but how long does it last… not long. It always comes back. It is a cycle that never ends and over time can become very expensive product after product you try.

I am the perfect testimony that using oil and only oil can and will clear up your skin. No one person is a like though, so let me disclose right now that I am not a dermatologist… I am not a doctor or expert… I am simply going to share with you what worked for me… and has for the last 4 1/2 years.

I am going to copy/paste a bit of info from the Oil Cleansing Post OVER HERE. Feel free to click over there and read more on that website. Its full of great info…

The reasons we have so much trouble with mainstream skin care products are numerous, but two reasons, in particular, lead the pack. These products strip the oil out of our skin, leaving our largest organ trying to repair itself by replacing the oil stripped away. This leaves us in a cycle of being tight and dry followed by the inevitable oil slick. Each time we strip the oil away, our skin over-compensates for the lack of moisture by creating more oil. On top of the drying effects, these products are highly-scented. Fragrance is one of the top skin irritants and strangely enough, even the so-called “unscented” products usually contain fragrance. See for yourself and check the labels. Dry, irritated skin replaced by oily skin, inflamed and trapping debris?

I had never thought about it until learning about this method… but whenever I washed my face with normal facial cleansers my skin felt tight. I am sure all of you know what I am talking about. Tight to me meant it was clean, right?

My skin was always dry… yet as the day went on it got so gross and oily in my T zone area… nose, forehead, inner cheeks. It was so frustrating. I especially battled breakouts along my chin, where it would stay dry. No matter what I did. Constantly.

So lets get started….

The Oil cleansing method explained. Why it works and how it gave me clear skin.

Here is what you need:

Oil of Choice
{for me that is Jojoba Oil 75% of the time. If im out of that oil I will use sweet almond oil.} I do like to mix in about 20% castor oil too.
Warm/Hot Water (so a sink) :-)
A medium size wash cloth.
& Oil or facial cream to use after cleansing with. (optional)

I get my Jojoba Oil from Trader Joes or Amazon.
The Oil Cleansing site suggest EVOO (extra virgin olive oil) as well or even castor oil. I tried both and those never worked for me. I also hated the smell of EVOO especially. Jojoba Oil has virtually no smell and it worked well for my skin, so I kept with it. I also love sweet almond oil and alternative between the two depending on what I have more of…

I ALSO for added benefits, put in a few drops of Sacred Frankincense into my Jojoba Oil bottle. *(be sure to see below, for a coupon code)*

How to cleanse your skin using oils. A post on the benefits and why you should use oil vs traditional facial cleansers.Directions:

1. Get your oil of choice and pour about a quarter sized amount into the palm of your hands. Rub hands together and rub the oil over your entire face. I usually do this for about 1 minute. Make sure you get over your eyes well too, especially if you have make up on. you put this onto your face DRY, DO NOT wet the face. This oil can be applied onto a full face of make up as well. While I rub the oil in I have my sink running low on warm/hot… to make sure my water is ready to go once I finish.

2. Once oil is rubbed in well (the oil btw will not burn your eyes, eye make up however can, so use discretion if you have a lot of mascara and shadow on. Keeping your eyes shut may be wise if that is the case.) Get the medium sized wash cloth and wet it with the hot/warm water. Once it is drenched squeeze out water so it is damp. You then apply the wash cloth to your face and allow it to seep and steam onto the skin (you want this cloth fairly warm, almost hot). Hold it for at least 30-45 seconds. Once the towel begins to cool you would then repeat this step 3 times. Each time I gently wipe my face after each “steam” – to remove dirt/make up better.

3. Once you finish steaming your face you would then get a moisturizer of choice and rub that onto your now clean and refreshed skin. This btw is optional. My skin is on the dry side so even with this method I still have to hydrate it some with something.

Below is a video from a youtuber I love that explains ALL the above way better than I could possibly explain it. I think anyone reading this post would enjoy her video….

When I first began this process my skin did flare up after about 2 weeks. Its normal. Your skin detoxes a lot of junk and sometimes that means dealing with a few new breakouts from the start. I promise you it gets better and you will have much happier skin. Play around with oils if one doesnt seem to work. No skin is the same and what works for me may not work for you.


The photos featured in this post were taken today after I cleansed my skin. They are 100% bare. Occasionally my face breaks out when aunt flo comes to visit… but that to me is unavoidable some what with the fluctuation of hormones.

I no longer worry about going out without make up. In fact I went to the dentist on Monday with NONE. Not a bit, not even mascara. Totally bare in front of bright lights in a dental chair. That would have never happened years back. I go grocery shopping without make up… if strangers pop over I am not concerned with them seeing my skin bare… it has brought me a lot of freedom… SO very thankful for that friend who shared this with me. I hope it can help someone reading this today.

How to cleanse your skin using oils. A post on the benefits and why you should use oil vs traditional facial cleansers.

Feel free to comment with any questions :)

Use the coupon code – DW10 for 10% off the following Essential Oils: Lavender, Sacred Frankincense and Blend of Rose at Rocky Mountain Oils (my source for Essential Oils – coupon expires Nov 1st, 2015) All three of these oils I use in my skin care routine. To read my post on how I make my Lotion bars that contain all 3 of these oils CLICK HERE.

Do PIN this post – share the love. This method really did change my life. I would love for others to learn to love it too.

Disclosure: The Above post does contain affiliate links to Amazon and Rocky Mountain Oils. This in no way affects my opinions on this post. Affiliate links help to generate a small amount of income for our family of 6. Thank you for your love and support. I truly enjoy blogging things that work for our family. Everything I share are things that I do personally and I would never share something I wouldn’t purchase or use myself. Thanks so much :)

25 Comments on “How I got Clear Skin – using OIL

  1. I’ve used the TJ’s Jojoba oil now for 11/2 years!!– thanks for the steaming tip. I really love using the oil. I haven’t been using the washcloth steam process. Will try tonight.
    I STILL struggle with cystic acne though. For me, it will be a lifetime battle as its hormone related.

  2. I did the oil method this past summer and loved it! I, somehow, got convinced to try another skin care line, but am really thinking about going back and trying this. I think I might once the “baby hormones” have subsided. Your skin looks amazing!!!

  3. Hey Erica, mine is hormone related too but the way I cleansed only made it worse. This is why when I was pregnant my skin got even worse… hormones do a number on me. Even tho hormones still can break me out on occasion, this is magic for my skin and has kept them at bay. Its rare for me to get breakouts now. Even when on my period :)

  4. I think you’re the one who first introduced me to oil cleansing, but I didn’t really start until about 2 years ago. I use half olive oil and half castor oil, but some days I use jojoba oil. I still feel like I need to wear makeup since I have acne scarring (the cystic kind) from high school, but I am really happy with how clear my skin is currently.

  5. Thanks so much for this post! Really keen to give this a good go. Two days in, using coconut oil as that’s what I had at home, and of course my skin looks no different yet, but it feels so amazing, soft and hydrated. X

  6. Hey Rhiannon, I do this before starting my dad and at night :) so yup twice a day typically. Although some nights im lazy and forget :)

  7. So I remembered reading this post awhile back and am going to start cleansing this way. Should I use the Fractionated coconut oil or can I just use regular coconut oil? I have been dealing with horrible breakouts lately and I don’t know what else to do!!

  8. Thank you so much for this post, I have read a lot about the oil method, and tried it with coconut oil… Just seemed I wasn’t doing something correctly. I love that you mentioned to still exfoliate, and to use a moisturizer afterward. And also that you “steam” your face 3 times, instead of just the once that I read in another blog. Your skin is absolutely beautiful. I suffer from extreme hormonal cystic acne (I’m 28). I also have well water, not sure how that affects my skin, but it’s awful, and it’s so embarrassing and totally depletes my self-esteem. I’m even embarrassed to go in public WEARING makeup… it’s THAT bad. Thank you again for sharing your beautiful skin story~!

    1. Hey Brittany, I hope it helps. I too struggled with that as well in my 20’s. I really believe this method is amazing and think every woman should do it :) – keep me posted on how it works for you.

  9. Does this not make your face feel greasy and look shiny? I would love to clear up my acne but I haven’t found anything that works.

  10. I was using coconut oil and it seemed to be hit or miss if it worked or not, but mostly I felt my skin was cleaner. Never did I feel like I could go without make up. I don’t only struggle with zits but with blackheads. Sometimes I used coconut oil with baking soda. But no matter how I used it I was using it like usual moisturizer, on wet skin and rinsing it off with water. I really want to try your method, maybe it’s what will work to get my skin cleared up! Also, it will keep my sinks from clogging up, I stopped using the coconut oil because we were suspicious it was causing the frequent clogs in our sinks. Do you have any problems washing the wash cloths you use for this?
    Excited to try this!

  11. I know coconut oil is a common product for people to have around their kitchens but it is also highly comedogenic, meaning it clogs skin and causes breakouts. Best to try a non-comedogenic oil! I have been using tamanu oil after I cleanse, and love it. I have crazy oily skin, but using oil has helped calm my skin. I’m looking forward to trying oil cleansing.

  12. Hi! I’m not sure how to email you, but I was wondering if you had another coupon code that would still work? I’ve been reading your posts all morning, you’re a lifesaver!!

  13. Hello!
    Thank you for this post, it’s very helpful as I’m just starting this method. I just need to ask, what do you do in the morning? I tend to rinse my skin with water and add some oil but it seems to be clogging my skin…

    1. Hi Camille, I do this in the morning too :) What are you moisturizing with? I always rinse the oil off if I cleanse with it. Only oil I reapply after cleansing is maybe an essential oil mixed into one of my lotion bars… but thats it.

  14. Thank you Drea!
    I first tried putting apricot oil, which I was using within the cleansing method (with castor oil) but I started getting bumps. Then I reverted back to my original moisturising cream, but I started having breakouts again. This week I changed my recipe to castor oil and jojoba oil, and then I leave in a bit of jojoba. I thought that you might be doing the same thing in the morning so I tried that and the combination of it with the change in recipe seems to be working a lot better! I think I will also add rose hip essential oil into the mix :D
    Sorry for the essay and thank you for all the great tips!!

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