Our poor cat toby has been coned.


He has 2 ruptured abscess. Don’t google that btw, unless you want to be grossed out. More than likely these were caused prior to us even getting him from the animal shelter. The typically show in cats bit by other cats… since Toby is indoors and never around other cats… we just are assuming this was something he came with already on him. That being said, yall, pets are expensive. Do keep that in mind before purchasing them. We do however really love our cat, he is such a chill and laid back cat. To put up with our kids, you have to be :) – my husband who hates cats, really loves him. Otherwise, he would have never taken him to the vet to be treated for this.

So yay, to healing and hopefully cone free life by the weekend. It has been a learning experience.

To keep the conversation going.

What is your largest vet bill and for what?
Where do you draw the line? :-) Im truly curious.

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  1. Our highest was almost $300. Chip had to stay a few days at the vet due to an intestinal disorder found commonly in Dachshunds. It made for an interesting Easter 2009 to say the least and now we can recognize the early symptoms of when it is rearing its ugly head. We head to the vet and pick up the special wet food mix. This year we found out he now has seasonal allergies and was placed on two different meds.

  2. My parents had to take their cat, Whimpy to the vet a few weeks ago too for being bitten by another cat. And their bill for him was over $900! Crazy! We just got a puppy and we are hoping that he won’t be much trouble but he’s only been home with us for a week so I will let you know more later on what it will cost us in the long run!

  3. Our beautiful golden retriever, Halley’s Comet (aka Halley) was diagnosed with liver cancer after expensive blood work, x-rays, ultrasound, office visit charges, vitamin b shots, abdominocentesis, meds, and exploratory surgery. We were well over $1,500.00 and counting. She was 9 years old and such a big part of our family and lives. All of these charges were in less than 10 days just to find out what was wrong, but our vet eventually told us to just keep her comfortable until she passed. I don’t really know where we would have drawn the line because I think if they told us another $1,000 would save her, we’d have probably done it. As it is, we spent money we did not have (i.e. mortgage). I couldn’t imagine letting her die so the mortgage wouldn’t be late. It was a whirlwind 10 days and she died as I picked up my keys to drive her to the vet to have her put to sleep (another $120, btw). It’s hard to put a dollar sign on someone we love, but gosh, I think vet bills are over priced just because of that.

  4. Pets are expensive!!! And I am an animal lover and understand not everyone is. I feel that God made them for a purpose too, actually many purposes and thus should be cared for appropriately. I really wish people would look into the expenses before bringing an animal home. We all know how cute kittens/puppies and easy to be talked into. And then they grow up. As Bren said above, they become a very real and important part of the family. Every day life. We have done everything with our pets including some vacations. They are in my boys graduation pictures. We currently have a blind 15 year old beagle who doesn’t let her blindness stop her from anything. We have a 12.5 year old lab mix that is my girl. I love her. The best unconditional love. She has been a healthy girl all these years and is now suffering with arthritis. She costs us approximately $80/month for her medication but because she is still getting around and eating, she deserves it. We have two cats that have been minimal. We have spent thousands over the years I’m sure. When it comes to making a decision on how much, we sit as a family and discuss it. It obviously has to fit in our budget and be within reason for the pet.

    I’m glad your sweet cat has been seen and is doing better (or hopefully better). She does seem to have the best personality. Mine are a little more hyper ;)

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