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Hair Update

I thought I would do a brief hair update for those curious where I am at with it. I am finally to the point where I have almost 100% of my hair to one length, except for my bangs. I did decide to cut the bangs again – its a love hate relationship really. I love bangs. I am a huge fan of Zooey’s Deschanel bangs from New Girl. Not familiar with her? Here is a photo.

It’s cute huh? I love it. Any how, so yes, the bangs are here to stay for now… sorry to all those who liked the “no bang look” better ;-)

I got a trim a few weeks ago to even out the layers, which makes it feel a bit short again… but its just part of the growing out process.

So here is a fairly point blank photo to show where it is at currently… Sorry it’s an instagram photo.

2 things. 1: got bangs again. Not sure I'm cool with then :-/ but think it's because I hate my current hair length ... Oh the joys of growing out a pixie cut. Cool thing is it's almost all one length finally! No more weird baby layers :) .... 2: Bella our

I am sure you can tell from my expression I am not in the “I love my hair” phase. I do not like this length for my face shape AT ALL. It is that awkward stage of the growing out that I hate… to short to wear up (without like 25 bobby pins) and to short to really style much at all…

Last Sunday’s photo for my thrift post shows the length as well. The black and white image was taken a few weeks prior to this one… so you can see in just a few weeks there was growth. (Yes Reed is drooling.)


So for now, my plan is to not cut it at all the entire summer, unless I feel it needs shaping. I will trim my own bangs now that I have a base cut for them… although if I go in to get a trim ill let my stylist trim them, she does better than I can do.

I want it long again (bipolar hair cutter), but I think I may get some ombre in it while its short. Just for fun. After all the growing out process of a pixie isn’t really fun, so you may as well have some fun with color.

I btw have not dyed my entire head of hair in probably 5 years? Im a fan of less hair dye if I can help it. Thankful to not have gray’s (Ive only ever seen one, right after I had baby Reed, its gone now). My mom I think began to gray mid to late 30’s, so hopefully I wont gray til at least then either. Ombre dye jobs require so much less upkeep – no regrowth to deal with, especially with weed fast growing hair like mine. So thumbs up for that possible dye job. Later. :)

“Cheers” to having longer locks by this time next year. It seems like a slow process but it will be long again sooner than later. Thankful to have donated it… but I am not sure ill donate quiet that much ever again. I def. have missed my hair more this time than ever before :) -maybe because I’m 30 now? who knows.

Happy Weekend! Parents are headed in today. I have to work today as well. So between those two things and Travis’ actually being off this weekend… it will be time spent away from blogness. However come back next week, I have some post going up and a giveaway! Oh and be sure to follow me on facebook or subscribe to know when post go up. Thanks everyone. If you are on the east coast, enjoy this beautiful weather! So thankful for sunshine and 70’s!

2 Comments on “Hair Update

  1. I love Zooey ‘s hair. I try her bang look, but my problem is that my hair grows so fast and I can’t keep up with bangs, and besides that I HATE having hair in my face, so I always end up tucking it away somehow!!!

    I like the way you have your hair in the picture with reed :-)

  2. i love your bangs… no matter what you say. ;) i think they give you an edge and you look great with them. your hair has grown a lot, though!!!

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