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I get lots of babywearing questions via e-mail and instagram. Just had to share and echo my love for one particular carrier. & No they are not paying me to do this :) – I truly love their carriers and company. Had a few photos taken of myself wearing Reed when it snowed… figured this be a fun way to share them.

SO before I post them, lets flash back to former Reed moments in the Boba(s).



Video Putting Reed on my Back in the Boba (poor quality video, sorry!)




I still use the Boba 3G with Reed. They have a new 4G out that is even more awesome. It has a newborn insert now and it works so good. I photographed a mom for them using it and was jealous the 4G wasn’t around when Reed was a baby. The insert makes a huge difference when wearing a newborn. Reed is to big for the wraps and is quickly becoming to big for myself to wear in the 3G. I may wear him til he is 2 but my times wearing him are becoming fewer due to his desire to walk now and be more “independent” with his brothers. None the less, ill soak it up while I can. Love babywearing for so many reasons. My journey with it has been an interesting one :) – Ive tried lots of carriers and still prefer the Boba over all of them. Although, I do love having my homemade Mei Tai and also a ring sling. Id say besides the Boba if I had to choose 2 other carrier must, it be those two.

Happy Babywearing! Let me know if you’d like to see maybe a better quality video showing myself wearing Reed or putting him on the back. Note: Im so not a video person.

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  1. How do you get your boba wrap to look so good?? When I wrap mine it looks bulky and lumpy =( tips???

    1. Hey Steph,
      When you wrap your Boba Wrap, make sure its super tight before you put baby in it. That is key. You almost want it so tight it doesnt look like a baby could even fit :) – that tight. The wrap will stretch to fit baby once you have it on. I could do a video showing you if you would like – but Reed wont fit any more so id have to use a teddy bear ;)

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