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My 9 Year old Website and Youtuber

ED9A9863You all know that my son Caleb who is 9, loves reptiles. Like – its all he talks about loves. He seriously has such an interest in them and is pretty knowledgeable IMO for being so young. I know its a typical boy thing… but he really does do well with caring for his pets and lately has wanted to create more videos showing others how to care for them as well.

We monitor our kids time online and on youtube. Obviously you need to… there sadly is a lot of crap out there that children can be exposed to… I highly suggest SAFE eyes or some sort of filtering system to use to protect your children while online… if you do not have the money for such programs, simple monitoring and “computer safe spots” in the home where they can be watched is typically just as affective :)

Caleb about a month ago started asking me questions about setting up a website. He began sketching out what he’d want it to look like on paper… and so one day this week we sat down and started playing. I helped set him up a simple site using WIX. Its 100% free btw. Its nothing super fancy but it gets the job done… and if he got more serious about it, he could always create something more professional as he gets older.

I had to show off his cute site here.. so adorable and fun. I am going to teach him the basics on how to edit and publish… embed his videos and so forth. I also may teach him how to blog so that he can practice his writing through this as well. Talking about his adventures and things he learns with blogging.

Below is a link to his site. Do visit :)

Screen Shot 2014-02-28 at 2.10.33 PM

He’d love to know lots of my readers went to it. Also he posted a new video recently about Bearded Dragon care and wanted me to tell you all to check it out and leave a comment too. If you skip btw to the last few minutes of the video there are some bloopers that are really cute and funny. We are practicing a bit more on him narrowing his video monolog down a bit… he can get a bit lengthy…. He comes up with his own speeches though, for only being in 3rd grade, I think he does well! Go home schoolers! :-D

Reed btw interrupted our 1st attempt to film the above video. Which is why the bloopers you see are from a different angle and there is day light out :) – here are a few photos of Reed interrupting us, so cute. We later filmed the video after Reed went to bed.

and yes… Caleb’s room needs cleaning!



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  1. Drea, with your supervision, I think this is awesome. I’m going to check it out and show my 20 yr old who is also way into reptiles and has quite a few….

  2. I don’t get to check blogs very often anymore, so it’s been fun catching up on yours. Caleb is so wonderfully articulate! His mannerisms are really mature and sweet too. You and your husband are clearly doing a fantastic job.

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