The Feet

Had to share this. Ive shared it on Instagram already but not the video.

This is Taite’s little hamster Pip. Who sadly is not doing great right now. He is an older hamster and is nearing his end despite being so well loved. He is such a tame little guy… makes me very sad to see him die. Taite has done well with that process… giving him lots of care… but has cried about it too. Pip is still alive but I don’t think he will last another week :-\ – thankful to at least have these adorable photos of Pip to remember him with. The video was posted on youtube a few days ago and got over 8,000 views. Whaaaa? :) Guess people like cute hamsters.


These photos and video’s also got featured on Cute Overload this week :) – Taite thought that was just so cool.

One Commnet on “The Feet

  1. So adorable…he must have been hand raised from the very beginning. That usually makes for a very social (read:non-biting) hamster. I love how soft they are. Bless you, Pip!

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