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While they School

Had to share these 2 photos.

A typical school morning here can consist of these two joining us.


August our Bearded Dragon – hes quiet, best pet really for those who hate noise and messes. Just be mindful when investing in a dragon (ours was only $29.00 btw), the cost of a tank and food for this wee lad does add up. Thankful to have thrifted his large 29 gallon tank for $7.00. Hoping that last him a while. I have heard larger dragon’s can get so big they need a 70 gallon, I am hoping that is not the case. :) Also be mindful when investing in a dragon, they eat bugs… A LOT OF THEM. So you cant not like bugs. I hate bugs but my son doesn’t care, so he feeds August ;-) – and cleans his cage. Score.


Meet Pip. We haven’t really spoken of this lil guy. Actually, its a female… but Taite said he wants to pretend its a male, so he can name him Pip. Hamster doesn’t care so Im cool with it ;-). Travis got Pip for Taite after seeing how badly he wanted his own pet to care for. This was not my doing – but oddly enough I am glad he got Pip. Pip seriously is one rad little hamster who lets Taite do whatever he wants with him! I read online that these dwarf hamsters are mean and the hardest to tame… well, we must have gotten a gem of a hamster, because this dude never bites Taite. He does however bite me. So I don’t hold him much. :-)

Love that we can allow our boys to enjoy these small little pets… we don’t have the means to Travel much… in fact we haven’t had a real vacation in about 4 years now… :( – makes me sad any time I see friends at Disney… or other amazing places… we don’t get that right now… trying to learn to be content with our situation. One day hopefully we can travel some with these kids… before they get to big any way.

Happy Monday’s. Its rainy here and I will be stuck inside all week due to not having a 2nd car. An update on our car situation is due. Lets just say, its been a stressful yet very revealing journey…

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  1. I understand the whole “travel” aspect. It is difficult (for me, anyway) to keep in perspective that travel isn’t eternal. Although, it isn’t a bad desire (we have it, for sure!!!), it isn’t a necessity. I often feel like my kids are missing out on something, but I feel like being with them day-n-and-day-out is giving them more than a “cool” week at a different location. As I type this… I am telling myself to “believe” the words I am writing. ;)

  2. Yeah, we haven’t been on a vacation for a few years…2009? I feel it. Just can’t right now.

    P.S. Pippi Longstocking is a girl, so Pip works for your little hamster, too!

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